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8th Sep 2002, 20:46
2hrs. and 50 mins. into the mission and I've got more than enough loot but not in the proper amounts so it hasn't marked off... please don't tell me if I have too much of one it never will check off:confused:

I've got the horn and all my stuff from Cunny and killed the vile maniac... I've even returned the clockman to his house and swam the river got the temple key been in both the chapel and the temple but I can't find Switcher... I can locate the area that hints he's there but can't find him.... I've got a rope arrow and been up to the room just off the fountain area but I can't jump into the window:mad: I've tried and tried and tried....

I've also found a gate west of the clock tower that I can't open.. it's frobbable and I can hear a man in there coughing or whistling or something I forget now (my head hurts).. I think it might be the lower back side of the 2nd story room above the fountain so it just might be where Switcher is...

heh another thing I've got the new horn objective but I haven't found anything new in town.... I'm really frustrated at this point...

The authors forward is hard to understand since english is a second language for him.... some of it is down right cute:D

Oh btw I played at least an hour with only one lockpick THAT drove me bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

Anyway... I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: Thanks!!!!!!!!


8th Sep 2002, 21:01
LOL! You sound frustrated. This is one of my old favourites, but it can be difficult.

You CAN jump into the window above the fountain. That is definitely where you need to go to get to Switcher's. Make sure you put your rope arrow as close to the window as you can get it. The other possibly is stacking crates, if you can find enough.

There's lots of loot hidden in weird places, and I don't have a complete loot list for this mission. I don't believe I've ever found it all, but you don't have to worry that having lots goods or gold means you can't finish.

Did you find the necklace (or tiara, I forget which it is), in the evil Master's room? There's a picture or banner on the wall that you can lean or jump through and it's behind there. Did you find the jewellry on the dummies in the store window in town? Did you find the "secret cache" in the end of the pool table? Just get one ball in each hole to open it.

As for the door close to the Clock tower, it could be the clockman's house. It's kind of a cute little sequence though it doesn't really gain you anything. Climb the clocktower and you'll find the clockman at the top, but he passes out and can't climb back down. Take him down and carry him to the door. He does the rest.

You need to find the place to use the Horn in the tunnels on the way to the Master's big nasty house. There's a cave with lava running through the bottom of a big rift. If you look carefully, there's a hole right down by the lava. You can plant a rope arrow in the soil layer that runs on top of the rock cleft and lower yourself down to the hole. Again, it's not a really exciting quest, but just something extra.

I hope that helps a bit. :)

8th Sep 2002, 21:42
I was pretty sure I had to jump into that window thanks for verifying it for me NW... I'll just keep trying:p and trying and trying and... frankly I don't think I've ever spent so much time trying to complete one task in any other FM before!!!

It's crashed a few times too so that 3 hrs. has turned into about 4 with all the reboots... poor Speedy LOL

I already carried the clockman down from the tower and took him home... I even left him an apple I had along with the bread and cheese he offered me. He was in worse shape than me at the time hehehehhe It's a GATE that's frobable just down from the clockman's house and west of the clock tower that I was trying to describe... no worries... if I can get into that window it will help alot:)

I got all the jewlery off the store dummies and shot enough pool to grab that loot but I haven't found any tunnels or the Master's big nasty house yet.. looks like I got a lot left to do:confused:

Thanks again NW... I'm sure I'll be back:rolleyes:


9th Sep 2002, 00:37
Welp after 3 and half hours of really good thiefn' I was able to complete the mission albite one objective:(

I couldn't figure out the mystery of the horn... it was the only objective that didn't check off.... and boy did I try!!!!!!

Some of the things I tried to see if it worked and would complete the objective.....

I tried to wake the dead.... hahahaha

I tried to hypnotize the head priest... ended up grabbing and running instead.

I tried to dry up the lake so I could get to the otherside (it was like a bad chicken crossing the road joke) Oh yeah I had two speed potions and was actually able to sneak up the corner opposite where I had jumped in and get a breath but I wasn't able to get out... bummer

I tried... putting the spiders/burricks to sleep in the caves... now that's what I thought it was going to do but nooooOOOOOOoooo

I tried... lullying the bad guy while I slashed him...

I tried.... enchanting the undead and haunts... blah blah blah:p

All good trys I thought but didn't do me any good DOH:rolleyes:

I was crashing the game a lot near the end there when I was fighting the bad guy in the castle.... must have rebooted 5 times *sigh* hard on the puter I know but I was sure I could nail him if I just kept trying:D

I would really like to know what the mystery of the horn was...

anyone..... anyone.... anyone??


9th Sep 2002, 00:41
Did you find the hole in the wall of the cave with the lava running through it? Once you get inside there, there's a place where you "use" the horn on something (a pedestal or stand) and you're teleported to a room with a couple of statues in nooks on each side. Look behind the statues for notes and read them. This is important, because the next room is empty until you read them. Then go into the next room, figure out which chest to open, then walk out. You end up on the far side of the lake from before. There's a nice tribute to Looking Glass Studios and then you ride a raft back across the lake. End of Horn mystery. :)

9th Sep 2002, 00:55
Sounds a lot easier than trying to dry up the lake LOL

I stood on the flat rock on the other side of the lava but I must not have blow my horn:o

Going there now for closure:D

Thanks again Nightwalker I really appreciate it;)