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8th Sep 2002, 16:58
Can somebody help this lowly Taffer? I have 10 textures that need to be slapped in photoshop and converted along with a full.pcx texture. My evaluation period is up and I can't afford to buy a copy right now. :(

If anyone doesn't mind spending 10 minutes doing this I would be very grateful, and ofcourse they will be able to use the textures for themselves. :)

8th Sep 2002, 17:05
I can do it . :)

However, I don't have full.pcx. I downloaded Thief PS pallette (this is probably the same thing). If you want, send them (xcom@planet.nl) to me (together with full.pcx) and I'll give it shot.

8th Sep 2002, 17:23
Hi Xcom. Thanks for replying. By a full.pcx I mean a texture collage made up of all the important colours in the other textures. I will try to explain what you need to do, it is very easy and will be useful for you to know if you decide to add custom textures to your project later.

Ok. Load up all the textures and decrease their size to 128x128. Then copy each texture as a layer and paste them all in a similar 128x128 image - trying to get all the important parts in. Then drop the colour depth of the collage to 8bit 256 colours.

Once you have done this, save the collage palette then apply it to all the other textures making sure they are 8bit 256 colour. Then save them all as .pcx files. the collage must be saved as "full.pcx".

I'll mail you the .zip ("pre") but if you can't get it to work that's ok. :)

8th Sep 2002, 17:27
Actually, can you email me at Tinybronco@msn.com so I can attatch the zip (165k). :)

8th Sep 2002, 17:45
Originally posted by Gumdrop
Actually, can you email me at Tinybronco@msn.com so I can attatch the zip (165k). :)

I just did.

8th Sep 2002, 18:51
I sent you the modified zip. Lemme know if you get them (or if maybe something needs adjustment).
Btw, I had to resize 2 of the textures 'cause they were not normalized (their dimensions were not in the power of 2 and DromED didn't show them).

8th Sep 2002, 20:50
Yes they worked a dream. Thanks again for this, the extra chocolate cookies are in the post. :)

It just so happens I tried something that I didn't expect to work. But after using XP's system restore utility to return my PC to mid August state, I find that PSP 7 is now on day 53 and fully functional. Hehe...Cheers Microsoft...Ya think of everything! :D