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8th Sep 2002, 10:23
Hello everylybody :)

I'm back, looking around, and just asking for an opinion. Please be open minded - it may not be what you're interested in, that's fine, but just...well, try ta help me :)

I run a website. You can find it here. (http://www15.brinkster.com/nfwrestling/index.html) Yes. You may all laugh at what it is, other people do, but just listen to me for a minute.

I need you opinions on a matter, and since you're some of the more...thinking people online, I ask you to check this thread (http://pub24.ezboard.com/fnettenwrestlingfrm1.showMessage?topicID=31.topic) and comment. Either here, or on the messageboard. you do not need to be registered to post on the messageboard, by the way.

Please comment - thank you :)


Meddling Grey
16th Sep 2002, 19:05
New to your home internet browser - Wrestling, but without all that tedious graphical stuff and those unnecessary sound effects! You too can join Netton's Fantasy Wrestling™ Federation and experience all the heart-pounding, sweat-inducing imaginary wrestling that all the pros have never actually tried! Earn wages, buy NFW products, and become the greatest wrestling legend of the entire NFW site! And all from the comfort of your own home!

Coming soon to NFW - An amazingly expanded selection of NFW products designed specifically to enhance your wrestling performance! With these great purchases you can endear the crowds to your online persona and make yourself an idol for all! Or you can alienate the crowds and just beat your opponent into senseless oblivion! Either way, with these excellent items, the day will most certainly be yours!

So... do I get paid for this kind of advertising? ;) Probably not. Okay, now that my imagination has run out (at least on that bit of the topic), I'll just list my ideas for largely worthless products to put in your shop. Just remember, my only experience with actually seeing wrestling was when I was about six and my dad would occasionally watch it on sunday afternoons. :D
<collective groan from all the forum members>

(I have no idea what the prices of these things would be)
Thong / String Bikini - With less wind resistance than most types of outfits, you'll practically soar around the ring with these specially designed inclusions to your ensemble! All thongs and bikinis are even made with special synthetic fibres, to withstand the strain of even the most immense wrestlers! And with only a small reduction in your ability to withstand blows from your fatigued opponent!

Extra-Strength Deodorant - When you're in the ring with hundreds of fans nearby, and all those big lights illuminating the match, there's nothing more useful than a good stick of deodorant to keep your fans from passing out!

Night-vision Goggles - Unnecessary when the lights are on and confusing to the crowds, no wrestler's collection of NFW products is complete without these stunning night-sight enhancers!

Deformed Nerf Ball - Shaped like a melted football and as aerodynamic as a flatulent goat, nobody can even guess where this little ball will go when it hits the ground!

Bribed Fans - What's the best way to demoralize your opponents and show them who the crowds really like? A good reputation? Heck no! A hefty bribe is what you need to put the adoring fans on your side!

Grease - Oh what should you do when an opponet pins you down? Too bad you didn't buy some extra-slippery NFW grease for the match! Even comes in the discreet invisible kind!

Hot-dog Vender - With an uncanny knack for appearing out of nowhere and a tray full of food to keep the fans happy, these specifically hired vendors roam through the crowds, dispensing satisfaction and adoration to everyone watching your fight! Can even be outfitted with a myriad of advertisements for maximum profitability!

Raving Coach - Nothing says "dedication" better than a ranting and raving coach, charging up and down the side of the ring all throughout the match! With a beet-red face and a tendency to jump up and down shouting incomprehensibly, no observer will have any doubts as to which wrestler is better trained or more dedicated to his outstanding profession!

16th Sep 2002, 21:31
Seems okay. How about we exchange banners. I'll put up a banner leading to your website on our(The Galactic Core Team) website. In retrun you put one on yours. Fair Deal?

17th Sep 2002, 06:14
Meddling Gray, I think I may end up putting some of that explanation stuff on the front page :)

And Arctic - sure. Got a link for that website?

18th Sep 2002, 19:58

19th Sep 2002, 06:32
Can't find a banner, I keep getting errors with my browser when I go to yer site....can you post the banner here or gimme the url?

21st Sep 2002, 17:08
I haven't designed one yet as I do not have the necessary equipment to do so. I merely wanted to know if you were interested in such a deal.

29th Sep 2002, 20:32
Well I've got a banner and here it is;


Now just post yours and the deal will be complete

Meddling Grey
9th Oct 2002, 07:00
If you like, I can come up with even more items for in your shop! <twitch> I'm feeling especially creative right <twitch> now, so lets see what I can come up with!

Permanent Felt Marker - Not only is this miraculous marker great for writing things down, it can be used in the ring to draw amusing doodles on your opponent for the crowd's enjoyment! Nothing says you beat your fellow wrestlers better than your name written on the back of their heads!

Extra-Spicy NFW Chili - When you need some energy for the next match and couldn't care less about whether your face goes bright red, nothing works better than a steaming plate of Extra-Spicy NFW Chili! With your brain on fire and skin on too tight, you'll be ready to take on all comers, big or bigger! Just make a note not to stand near open flames, and there's no way you can lose with this platter of power food!

Computer Keyboard - Who says a computer has no place in wrestling? Certainly not Netten! And when you whack the other wrestlers with this electronic equipment and keys go flying everywhere, everyone will have to agree you are the greater techno-whiz!

Clockwork Soldiers - Nobody has an easy time maneuvering around bayonet-toting soldiers, and when they're wandering around the ring this can be to your advantage! Five inches high with a range of fifty feet, these devilish distractions keep your opponents on their toes!

Chains - When you want great armor but can't afford something complete, look no further than special NFW Chains! Specially looped around you for maximum coverage, these stainless-steel links will deter any foe! Weighing in at barely 90 pounds*, you'll take many a blow from your unchained opponent without even developing many bruises! Made with a unique pinch-guard form, this chain-link armor is the ultimate in cost-effective protection!

*Weight may vary according to wrestler size and length of chains.

Well, that's enough for now, as it's almost midnight and my brain is shutting down. I'll be back with more in a couple days, just as soon as I begin to lose my sanity again. :)