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8th Sep 2002, 06:36
From the gossip section of this months OPM:

Legacy of Kain:Blood Soul Omen Reaver,ER, 4?

A lengthy lunch with one of my favorite contacts this month revealed some juicy gossip from Crystal Dynamics camp. After confusing us all the concurrent (but awesome) Soul Reaver and Blood Omen storylines, I've learned that the next game will consolidate the two, probably returning the whole thing back under the Legacy of Kain banner. How will this work? Apparently, the game will have two interweaving stories that feature the antics of both Raziel and Kain. Don't expect to hear any official news on it for quite a long while, though. My sources indicate it as a game for 2004.

Can't wait!!!

8th Sep 2002, 08:26
This would be interesting if it were true. I'm kind of ambivalent about games where the character you play as is not constant, but I'm sure if anyone can pull it off successfully, it's CrystalD =).
I'm a little suspicious of this rumour, though, for a few reasons.
First, there has been information from multiple sources (including the same rumours column) that *Soul Reaver* 3 is currently under development, not a joint game. There have even been some unconfirmed rumours about the *content* of that game, and it's all SR, not BO.
Second, just finishing up the story from SR2 is enough for an entire game. Unless this dual-thread LoK episode is going to be *really long* (no complaints about that, of course), it will have to ditch a lot of the unfinished business from that game.
Third, making a game where the two playable characters are as different as Raziel and Kain are would be (IMO) almost as time-consuming as making two seperate games.
Finally, SR2 and BO2 seemed very much (again, IMO) to be targeted at seperate audiences. I could see this going either way - keeping the two portions of the franchise for the respective type of fans, *or* trying to get both sets of them playing the same game.
2004 isn't *that* far off, anyway. We'll all know for sure soon enough =). I'm sure that whatever direction the series takes, it will remain excellent.

8th Sep 2002, 08:38
Hmmm...if this is true, it'll be great, but I'd want the SR2 team working on it. I'm about halfway through BO2 right now, and as much as I'm enjoying it, I find SR2 to be a superior product on all levels (especially the plot, dialog, cutscenes, and animation). Of course, my opinion may change by the time I finish the game.

One thing that would make a game like this difficult is the fact that the SR-era Kain might be too powerful to have as a player character (everyone would want to use all of his abilities, and that would require some really tricky game balance). This would mean that the game would have to switch between Raziel and BO-era Kain. Since the LoK storyline includes plenty of time travel, this isn't too much of a problem story-wise, but I'd be much more interested to see what the SR version of Kain is up to than the BO version. Additionally, Raziel might look out of place in BO-era Nosgoth, and vice versa for BO-era Kain. Hopefully I'm making sense here.

No matter what the next LoK game is, however, there is one thing I really hope they do: improve the combat system. Considering how much fighting is in the LoK games, the combat systems in both the SR and BO games make the battles rather repetitive.

EDIT: slightly reworded the first sentence

8th Sep 2002, 09:06
i dont mind if the games are separate, or inter-twined, but i just hope the end product is awesome!

i am a bit sceptical about a joined effort...

8th Sep 2002, 11:34
Finally some news about Soul Reaver 3 even if it`s only rumours. I only wish that the two parts of the legacy still would be separate games though.

Time Streamer
8th Sep 2002, 13:05
On the whole, nothing is certain at this point. Truth comes out when they officially announce the game.

Apocrypha Roxy
8th Sep 2002, 20:34
Originally posted by TG_Syd

Apparently, the game will have two interweaving stories that feature the antics of both Raziel and Kain.

Isn't the LoK series already an interweaving of both stories? I mean, their actions have altered the timestream and all, so there's no need to incorporate dual character playing - it would seem out of place to me.

Ok maybe I'm not making sense, but I think that LoK already has both stories woven together, and that it will end with Soul Reaver 3 in a climactic scene (naturally).

Umah Bloodomen
8th Sep 2002, 20:43
I am with Blinc and Roxy on this one. :D ;)

I really enjoyed how SR2 left off and have high hopes that the future installments of the series will be just as cool.

8th Sep 2002, 22:55
I am trying not to spend my time thinking of how a game like this would work, since we have no proof that it's even being planned like this, and it seems like wasted effort.
However, one way I could see this being *really* interesting would be if it played off of the SR2 concept of seeing the same areas in multiple eras... especially if it involved much greater spans of time than in SR2.
The only issue I can see with this is that it would imply a level-based structure, rather than a free-roaming world like in SR1 and 2. At the very least, there would have to be a Part I/II type of deal that would split it up down the middle, with a conclusion that ties the two together. John Steakley's novel _Armor_ is structured like that, and it's one of my favourites. The alternative is a more William Gibson style approach, where you'd have Raziel chapters alternating with Kain chapters. This would mean totally ditching the free-roaming Metroid style world, and I would miss it.
The only other way (IMO) of structuring a dual-character type of game is a tag-team style thing where you can switch characters at will. I *really* don't believe that will happen, because I just can't see Raziel and Kain running around side-by-side like a buddy action film =). Also, we know from the end of SR2 that Kain and Raziel are seperated, at least for the time being. And of course there's the near-invincibility of Evolved Kain that would throw off the game's balance.