View Full Version : Which is yr favorite forge???

8th Sep 2002, 04:43
My personal fav is the air-forge. Lotsa interesting murals and the fireworks when u inbue the reaver with the air element was great. The fire forge stage was boring tho.

8th Sep 2002, 04:55
Awww, I liked the Fire Shrine...:(;) There's a certain novelty to swimming through a huge pool of blood. I think the Fire Shrine and the Dark Forge both tie for favorites.


Lady Kreliana
8th Sep 2002, 05:38
I like the light shrine. :)

Midnight of Sevenshades
8th Sep 2002, 12:47
Fire Forge and Dark Forge.

Ahhh the sweet irony of having Raz swim thru a huge vat of blood...some very nicely twisted thought went into that aspect. In un-life he literally would have killed to find an area like that. In resurrection he had what every vampire would have wanted and couldn't do a thing with it.

The Dark Forge was just cool on account of the whole eclipse aspect and the big purple crystal suspended from the ceiling, I loved that puzzle.

8th Sep 2002, 17:45
Personally my fav. forge is the dark forge, simply cos when u finish it it gives u a groovy purple reaver. tis my fav colour so there u go :D

Ardeth Silvereni
8th Sep 2002, 18:21
I liked the Fire Forge. It forced you to hurry a lot more, and it was less puzzle based (in my opinion) than the other forges. The other forges seemed a bit labor-intensive compared to it. I have to admit, I thought the lake of blood was cool.

My least favourite was possibly the Air Forge. I know each of the three main chambers were different, but it felt like I was solving the same puzzle over and over.

My favourite weapons came from the Dark Forge though. I loved those spears with the purple crystals! :D

Ms Raziel
10th Sep 2002, 20:54
Hi guys, new to this forum.....I love the LoK series and my fave forge is the dark forge. I liked how you could activate the shadow bridges and blind close the sentry eyes with it.

11th Sep 2002, 02:34
Welcome to the forums, Ms Raziel!!!:D

If I had to choose a fav, I guess it would be the dark forge. I found it really beautiful, like the light forge. I thought the air forge was creepy....:eek: throbbing hearts!:eek: ... and the fire forge was kinda boring (just that one room), although the swimming in blood was pretty twisted!:rolleyes: I didn't really enjoy solving them (I was like "Oh God! Not another forge!") since it took me an eternity to figure out, and there were no save points!!! (The fire forge doesn't count, 'cause it was easy.

I do like the fact that the forges were complicated, but I got so completely lost in the dark forge near it's completion. I kept going in circles!:confused: And the funny part is, right after you're warned not to get too close to that sentry eye.... I get too close! :rolleyes: Well, I couldn't help it; that stupid creature next to me started fighting and pushed me back into the line of vision of the sentry eye.... either that or I pivoted in that direction like the idiot I am...:rolleyes: . Okay, I'll stop rambling now....

Ms Raziel
11th Sep 2002, 10:12
Thanks Naja :)

The light forge was pretty cool too though, it opened all the crystals above the doors and was great in the dark. Alot of areas in this game are so dark you can't see too well.

The Winged Vampire
12th Sep 2002, 05:35
The fire forge was wicked. Swimming in blood idea I must agree was kinda twisted, but heh, I like it. Let's all go swim in blood now. And it was especially cool after you plunged the blade into the forge. Now that kicks arse.

I can't really decide which forge I like best. I can't get enough of the murals (I like winged people :p) and the finishing move @ all forges are cool especially when you are using a dual-shock controller. ;)

Umah Bloodomen
12th Sep 2002, 06:31
I'd have to go with the Air Forge first. It was very ornate and fun to play. (Gotta love the sentry eyes too... :p). The big snake tower in the center reminded me a lot of Moebius' staff. And the writhing bodies on the altars were a nice touch. :D

My second favorite would be the Fire Forge somewhat for similar reasons already shared. It was pretty complex and I enjoyed playing through it. Not to mention the Bathory-esque feel that it possessed. ;)

12th Sep 2002, 14:06
:o I will have to say the Dark Forge, only because it took me forever, and then I got stuck because I scared the birds. But, I liked both the sunlight forge and the air forge, because of the detail.