View Full Version : Trial by night (once again).

8th Sep 2002, 04:19
Nightwalker? Are you there? I need your help once again.
I'm replaying this FM again (thanks for the loot list!), but once again I can't find a way to the Hammer Cathedral.
It's got to be either the locked gate past the main entrance (no key), or by water (locked grilles in the river). No way over, around, under or submerged that I can find.

A clue please?

Thanks once more.

8th Sep 2002, 11:13
By coincidence, I have been playing that mission this evening. I got into the cathedral by roping up to a railing on a balcony not far from the front gate, near a bridge that crosses a stream. Later I found a route underwater that ends up in a well near the top floor. That route starts at the foot of a large waterfall outside.

This is a very hard mission, at least the way I am playing it, which seems to be backward. I haven't met the person who is supposed to give me a briefing, but I have been playing for many hours, been inside many buildings, and KO'd all the AI I could find. I'm playing on expert, no kills allowed, so it is pretty tedious sneeking up to BJ them. This all seems really foolish now, because I know I will probably not get the loot requred (all but about 50). I'm really glad to hear Nightwalker has a list.:)

I hope that the briefing guy gives me some lockpicks or I find some soon. I have had to pass up dozens of locked doors and chests.:(

8th Sep 2002, 14:05
Lyril, I believe you can only get into the Cathedral on Expert, so if you're playing on one of the lower difficulty settings, you're wasting your time trying to get into there.

Peter, the lockpicks in this one are notoriously hard to locate. To get the first one, look for a chalkmark up on a wall and then find a way to get to it. :)

8th Sep 2002, 17:38

Yes, I found that chalk mark on the wall last night. I just could not find a way to get up to it. [EDIT: I just went back there and got the pick and the objectives. All the objectives in the Cathedral had already been checked off except to the get the prisoner. I still need to hunt for the 2nd lockpick, but the resistance is thinned now, so it should go smoothly if I can get back to all the places I visited before.]

Would you kindly e-mail me the loot list? I promise not to look at it until I am totally frustrated, which I think will probably happen sometime today.;)

Wow, you can get in the Cathedral only on Expert? Seems a shame. There is a huge amount of territory in there (but not too much loot). I guess it's like Art of Thievery in that regard. And, speaking of territory, I went to some trouble to clear out the jail area, but found nothing in there. Maybe when I can unlock the remaining two cells I will find something.... [Edit - now I know what it is.]

9th Sep 2002, 00:24
I certainly don't think I'll play this one on Expert. It's hard enough on Normal! Thanks for the information though, - I won't waste more time.

Not that I haven't been wasting time, and getting very frustrated. Technology has outstripped my resouces methinks.

Frinstance, - I can't play Hallucinations at all, after hours of downloading. I can just limp through Calendra's Legacy but it's unbearably painful, and even Secret Way is jerky. I've just spent 3 days trying to download Karras's Diary (in sections), but every section has faults and it can't be installed. I guess I'll have to wait until Komag does another CD for that.

[screams loudly] I need a new computer. Now.

9th Sep 2002, 01:36
Now is a good time to uprade. If you can do it yourself, it is amazingly cheap to upgrade to a killer system. Here are some examples (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=58007#post58007). If you prefer to purchase a complete computer, the equivalent OEM product might be $1000.


Thanks to Nightwalker's loot list, I completed the mission on Expert.:) Stats:

time: 5:28:52
loot 3825 / 3825
pockets 4/5 (one I downed first)
KO's 52
damage to others 54
damage to me 0

I thought it was a really good mission, but it was way too difficult to complete on expert. The main problem was the loot. The objective calls for 3800 out of 3825. I dislike those low-headroom deals. Before resorting to Nightwalker's loot list, I had 3110, missing 715, and I thought I had done quite well to find that much. The missing loot existed in only three tricky locations, two of which were very well hidden double-secret rooms (a secret behind a secret) and one of which required that you move something aside to see it.

Anther problem in Expert concerns the no-kill ojective, which in this mission means that you must take extraordinary measures to BJ sensitive, unghostable AI, many of which require either flash bombs for a frontal assault or the bait method (alert, hide, and get them when they walk back to their post). There weren't enough flash bombs to do the job. OK, I could have avoided BJ'ing all of them, but they made me mad, and when I am mad my BJ shows no mercy.:)

I think the mission played in Expert is harder than Elevator, which previously was my number one favorite in this regard.