View Full Version : constant lockups! need to run in "safe mode".

8th Sep 2002, 04:07
My system:
WinXP Pro
Athlon 1.33
Gigabyte 7DXR mainboard
Radeon 8500 64MB with latest official "Catalyst" drivers
SBLive Value with latest Creative official drivers

I bought this game last week and was having constant lockups. My computer would freeze, and require a hard reset. WinXP didn't give any error on reboot. So I tried the game's "safe mode" option. This works better, but the game still randomly locks up over time! Any support for these lockups? I tried reinstalling with the other 1.01b patch, but it still locks up. I want to play this cool game, help!

Also, what does the option "imposters" do, in the video options?

8th Sep 2002, 15:59
Hello? I'm the only one having issues? I was playing in 1024x768, but then bumped it down to 800x600. It seems that the higher the resolution, the more frequent the crashes. Also I get some flashing black textures in the game sometimes.

8th Sep 2002, 16:09
I can't help much but . . .

"Imposters" are explained here -> (Link? Can't find. Argh)

Try turning them off some Vid Cards throw a wobbly and collapse with them.

Tried the Tech FAQ? -> http://www.muckyfoot.com/startopia/faqtech1.html

Other than that I can't help.

Welcome to the forum.

Mucky Foot
8th Sep 2002, 16:44
Impostors: http://www.muckyfoot.com/downloads/tomsimposters.html

Last time I checked, the 8500 works just fine. Certainly the 7500 I was playing StarTopia on last week (with latest public drivers) was perfectly happy.

Definately try the tech FAQ. There's are no known issues with Radeon 8500s, so I would suspect the sound card, or possibly an AGP setup problem.

Could you find a file called "your gfxcard.txt" (should be in the StarTopia directory) and email it and a reference to this thread (so we know who you are) to webmaster@muckyfoot.com, and I'll have a look at it - see if there is anything up with the graphics card.

But definately try turning your _sound_ hardware accelleration down to nothing first (the details are in the tech FAQ). Sound cards are always my primary suspects, unfortunately.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

9th Sep 2002, 03:33
Okay, thanks... Just emailed my gfxcard.txt file.

10th Sep 2002, 02:00
Hope your problems get fixed. I got a bit of an error when I first started as many others did. It's a great game, worth any trouble that doesn't involve the loss of a limb.

(P.S. We like people here. Most ANY people. Don't leave when your problem is fixed, please!)

11th Sep 2002, 19:57
Well, after doing more testing, it may be my soundcard (SBLive) causing the lockups. Last night I disabled "sound acceleration", and was able to play for 2 hours with no lockups. I will test some more.

Mucky Foot
12th Sep 2002, 16:51
Yay! I love being right :-)

SBLives are funny things. Sometimes they work wonderfully, and sometimes they cause grief, and I have no idea what the vital difference between systems that do one and systems that do the other is.

At least you now have a working StarTopia. Enjoy the game.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

12th Sep 2002, 23:30
I may have spoke to soon. :( Today I got to the 8th mission and was playing only about 10 minutes, and it locked up. I had my sound selected for "no acceleration", but I wasn't running Startopia in it's "safe mode". It seems safe mode and sound acceleration turned off, is the only way for me to play it stable.

12th Sep 2002, 23:38
Random lock ups are not to be unexpected, however, if it locks up repeatedly then you do have a problem.