View Full Version : The Return of Riovanes (In more than one way!)

8th Sep 2002, 02:48
Right, so it's been forever, but the Kyrie Saga will soon begin again! I've finally gotten through all the crud I had to do over the summer, and I'm settling into classes, so that means it's time for Rio and Brie to continue their journey. For those of you who've been reading my novel... Chapter 28 within the week! For those who haven't... Well... Ask around, or click my sig to see for yourself!


8th Sep 2002, 03:36
'bout **** time!!


Lady Kreliana
8th Sep 2002, 05:35
Welcome back, Rio. :)

8th Sep 2002, 08:58
welcome back...i see you took your time...

dude, plz read my novel, i wona see what you think...just click on my www...

10th Sep 2002, 00:42
Good to know my patiance hasen't been in vain. I still anxiously await the next chapter.