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7th Sep 2002, 17:19
I am some ways thru Hidden Agenda on Hard and finding it quite tough going in places [perhaps I should have followed Nightwalker's advice on playing all levels]. It seems a very well put together mission design-wise, though the story line seems a little weak and uninvolving to me, but I was wondering if any of the serious playas had ghosted it or completed it no-damage style? It is always good to learn from the best.

7th Sep 2002, 18:01
I've done it taking no damage and Peter Smith has ghosted it. It was designed to be ghostable, actually, so it shouldn't be too hard to do. I just haven't had time to try it. It's a very well put together mission. :)

7th Sep 2002, 18:27
That's correct. Perfect Thief (ghost plus all loot). Some of the loot is tricky, and some of the routes are a little hard to find, but the ghosting is not too difficult, as Nightwalker said. Straight sneaking for the most part, and no heroic moves except in one place, a large watcher console, that was quite difficult to turn off without getting a yellow alert. There are some other watchers that can give you problems too, but there are switches that turn them off, if you can find them. With some effort, these watchers can be ghosted while they are on, as I discovered because I failed to find the switches soon enough.

Yes, it is not a character driven story, it is a situation. It's designed for exploring and finding neat stuff. It's a very good mission, I think, top 10% in my book.

8th Sep 2002, 11:42
Thanks for that - I would be interested to read a ghosting report, if one has been written; I have given and sustained much damage to date so I obviously need to practise, though RL always intervenes. I think this is a good mission but the immersion is not as high as for, e.g., Embracing the Enemy, Equilibrium, Art of Thievery, for me, which is part of the wonderment rather than pure gameplay.

8th Sep 2002, 13:49
You're quite right about the immersion factor. I love the mission and it's very fun to play, but it doesn't drag you into the story the same way that some of the others do. It's still one of my favourite missions, though.

There was a ghost report written, by Vanguard, but he failed the ghost, not because of mission design, but because he missed a couple of things that he should have found. Both Peter and I posted corrections down below, so after you read his ghost report, make sure you scroll down to read our posts, as well.
Go to archived FAQs, threads page (http://forums.eidosgames.com/old-ubb/) Once there, find the FMs Ghost/Perfect Thief Results, Pt. 2 thread and you'll find the report on the first page. I tried to put in a link, but I couldn't get it to work. Sorry. :)

10th Sep 2002, 17:29
Thanks Nightwalker - you are truly the font of all wisdom.

10th Sep 2002, 18:31
Higgins, I ghosted this mission, too, but also needed help. See http://forums.eidosgames.com/old-ubb/FMs_Ghost_Perfect_Thief_Results_Part2_1.htm and scroll down until you see my ghost report (which is multiple pieces since it took a few times to get it ghosted right) followed by Nightwalker's comment on finding the sewer tunnel that gets you past the back gate and out. Peter Smith's ghost report is there, too. But you might want to try ghosting before looking at these reports so you can see how far you can get with it.

10th Sep 2002, 21:29
Thanks for that Vanguard but I am not yet up to ghosting [one day...] - still relying on the reliable BJ to clear the way. I am however continually impressed - and amazed sometimes - with the ghosters' ingenuity and patience, so hat's off to you.

12th Sep 2002, 01:12
It seems youve been left in good hands with the answers given but i just wanted to drop in to say thanks for the comments on me mission.

It shouldnt be too difficult to get around as long as you take Peter Smith's advice, no heroics needed, stick to the dark areas, keep an eye on patrol routes etc. Even try keeping an eye on your map and compass can help. (Of course playing the mission a couple hundred times thats easy for me to say ;) )

As for the immersion / storyline aspect, it was kind of hacked together and is definatly my weakest point, just grin and bear it and youll make it to the end :)

For anyone thats interested, im back in the DromEding groove and have got a new mission in production at the mo, very early stages so i wont add anything else :p. Again im suffering from storyline problems so will probably seek out some help with it to add some immersion.

12th Sep 2002, 01:16
Yippee!! That's great news, AsyluM! Keep me in mind when you're looking for betatesters, please. I'd love to do it. :)

12th Sep 2002, 01:28
Great, youll be first on the list :)

12th Sep 2002, 02:22
I'd like to be the second on the list. The old one-two punch.:)

12th Sep 2002, 17:20
AsyluM - my criticism is very minor considering the huge level of skill required to build a level from scratch, for which I have great admiration, so I'm very glad to hear you're doing another FM. I shall definitely D/L it as soon as it appears.

13th Sep 2002, 00:11
Heh, two people down for testing and im still only brushing out the ... oops nearly gave too much away :p Thanks ppl :) .