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7th Sep 2002, 11:23
I've noticed that sometimes, if you are really close to an enemy soldier and they see you not moving or anything they point there weapons at you and a little countdown appears over their head (similar to that of the time bomb). However when it gets to zero, i would have thought they would arrest you or something, but instead they just shoot you. What is the point of this or can you do something which i haven't noticed, (or do you get arrested and mine doesn't work)?????

7th Sep 2002, 11:36
I never saw a countdown :confused: can you show a screenshot?

7th Sep 2002, 14:03
This was Pyro's way to get rid of my best tactic "get seen and remain seen routine". Darn. Soldiers now are more alerted and they shoot immediately if they sense danger, meaning if they spot you. Although I haven't seen these numbers above their heads too. Their line of sight instead changes from yellow to green to red in a few moments, then they start shooting. But no numbers...


7th Sep 2002, 16:52
No numbers here either, maybe a later version of the game?

7th Sep 2002, 17:47
Originally posted by 1shot1kill
No numbers here either, maybe a later version of the game?

I don't think there is a later version for the pc. But maybe he has the PS2 or Xbox version.

7th Sep 2002, 17:54
I've seen the numbers... Don't remember how and in what situation (but probably when commandos are wearing enemy uniform).

8th Sep 2002, 02:15
It is quite odd.

8th Sep 2002, 08:16
I have the PC version, but it does not happen often. I remember one time it happened though. You know where the radio is in Saving Private Smith. Well there is a lieutenant at the bottom of the stairs leading own to it. I took the GB down the stairs and about 1/10 times I did it the officer got "the numbers". I think was because on that occasion he did not see me until I was down the stairs. Sorry, haven't got a screenshot, but i'll try.

8th Sep 2002, 08:26
Strangely. Most of us here have been playing the game for about a year now and no one has seen this before...myself included. A screenshot of this would be great, so we all can see this.

8th Sep 2002, 13:31
Basically he counts down from 20, and that 20 seconds is the time you have to kill him with another Commando before he starts shooting you. In some cases you get arrested.

8th Sep 2002, 17:56
Here you go guys, one countdown screenshot . Only one problem. How do I attach my screenshot to this post???

9th Sep 2002, 02:38
Put it on some webspace and pu the url to the pic between the [ IMG] [ /IMG] tags. (without the spaces)

9th Sep 2002, 16:47
Sorry! I am really not very good on the internet. How do you put my picture onto a webpage?

10th Sep 2002, 05:07
I'll post it temporarily to a page for you (for a few months or so) if you send me a private message with your email address I'll send you my address and just email the picture to me. I'll post it immediately

10th Sep 2002, 17:52
Never seen number either...

11th Sep 2002, 15:22
Whoa! Just ran Haiphong and saw the countdown for the 1st time yesterday! It was abouve a worker soldier's head. Since Inferno was near by about to bop him I thought I'd accidently unleashed one of his bombs. Weird.

17th Sep 2002, 23:19
Anyone know how high the number goes?

I still can't work out what it is really for, does it seriously take countable seconds for an enemy to recognise a commando?

BTW Pic is comming soon

19th Sep 2002, 01:20
OK this is the pic that Redpriest sent to me, I just couldn't wait another day for him to post it, so here it is;


19th Sep 2002, 01:43
hmm never seen that before.

19th Sep 2002, 01:48
Yeah first I've seen of it too

Not really sure wat it means though, surely its gonna take less than 8 seconds for the kraut to recognise him..

Redpreist, did this happen when playing on Easy?

19th Sep 2002, 07:56
Does this only happen in that room? I alwasy entered it from the small drainage hole.

19th Sep 2002, 19:08
Two points - 1) This picture was taken while playing the game in "Very Hard" (or possibly Hard, but the hardest difficulty level).
2)This happens in many other places, but this was the only one I can remember exactly where it happened.

20th Sep 2002, 12:54
Nope, I have never seen it either. I have deliberately let my commandos to be seen by Germans or Japs and apart from the green line/sight of view turning red there never was a number above the enemy's head.

Iakovos :)

24th Sep 2002, 15:12
It happened to me in Haiphong with inferno in the warehouse where the 2 locked boxes are where he can find a flamethrower, I think. It's the rooms inside the warehouse near where the 2nd fuel tanks are. Inferno came up close to a worker soldier and before he knocked him out the numbers appeared for me. Never seen them on any other mission.

25th Sep 2002, 03:39
maybe its the enemy sixth sense counter, cause he doesn't seem to be looking directly at a commando when it comes up

25th Sep 2002, 11:42
Maybe it got to do something with sound?

21st Feb 2003, 07:33
In the bonus mission where the spy already has a uniform, and the sapper is alreay captured and that officer gradually sends soldiers out to get into position. If you get seen by the officer near the wounded man, he will pull his gun out and a timer will appear above his head, when it reaches zero, he shoots.

27th Feb 2003, 15:52
I found it in Haiphong in the warehouse where the flame thrower is found. Getting real near a worker/soldier set off his timer. I also saw it once again in Paris when Green Beret got off the top elevator ans Natascha wasn't luring the goon with the submachine gun. He saw green beret and began counting down. Before it got too far he shot but was gutted by the knife and i had to slash the other guys who responded. It's just not an "always" thing it seems.

2nd Mar 2003, 03:38
you know,i had this thing in demo couple f times. never in real game tough i played it in very hard. :rolleyes: