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6th Sep 2002, 22:04
Hey, i'm new to college (cegep, pre-university, whatever) and i took Creative Arts... And right now i'm learning about art starting all the way back into 1500 BC!!! Anyhoo, i'm looking at cave paintings (amazing, they painted in total darkness!), egyptian art, western art (amazing cathedral architectures) etc...

It's so TOMB RAIDER-ISH!!! This is true Lara Croft knowledge, soon i'll be able to see a piece of architecture, be it a tool or drawing, and i'll be able to tell WHEN it was made (approx). How cool is that!? I wanna go find and date artifacts!!! AAAH!!! So exciting... So exciting...

Anybody else interested, studying this?

Kurtis Trent
6th Sep 2002, 22:22
That would be fun to study!! Only the tomb raiderish part though. :D

7th Sep 2002, 22:18
Ok Cyber_Punk_303, your overstimulated, lets get some beer in your and its off to bed lol

8th Sep 2002, 21:06
Mgardiner : So sad, yet so true. Lol, i really wanna be archeologist, well, not really... But i'd love to explore ancient temples's n crap that nobody's seen before and analyze everything.

9th Sep 2002, 07:36
One word of advice:

When you go for a job interview as an archeologist, don't use the line

i'd love to explore ancient temples's n crap
as it may hinder your success.

9th Sep 2002, 15:33
Lol X2

True dat, true dat...