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6th Sep 2002, 18:32
Hey everyone, I had a hugely busy summer and so basically I have been gone entirely since about may. I spent a few weeks in the field (Archaeology), had a whole lot of fun and basically had no time to spend at anything except life. I'm still pretty busy but I thought I should try and keep up with my main man Raz and his world, as well as Kain.

I noticed that everything has changed around here since my last real look around. Soooo, you guys who rememer me, could ya fill me in on everything that's been going on lately. Just the important stuff over the summer. I'm just curious what I've missed.

I probably won't be around much, but I'll try and stop by when I have a free moment. Thanks everyone.

6th Sep 2002, 20:11
You haven't missed anything. :D

Umah Bloodomen
6th Sep 2002, 22:57
Originally posted by warpsavant
You haven't missed anything. :D

But I missed you Biscuit Boy :p

Lady Kreliana
7th Sep 2002, 03:21
Welcome home. :)

7th Sep 2002, 05:17
wb heh

7th Sep 2002, 06:33
Welcome back, Insanity!!


12th Sep 2002, 02:41
Thanks everybody, like I said, I'll be around when I can, but life and college is really busy. Especially when you add on work. I'm glad I didn't miss anything.

Oh, and if anybody ever happens to go to Reno, NV go to Deux Gros Nez, it's a really cool place. And be sure to ask to see the son of the Uh. Yea, but that's far fetched.