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Miss L. Croft
6th Sep 2002, 18:19
hey every one.I was wondering,for the younger members...what do u wana b wen ur older?4 the older members,whats ur job?@ skool we hve 2 think what we wana b,i have no idea,there's just so many options.I wana job that i enjoy

6th Sep 2002, 18:25
I work in Television as a video editor.

I didn't work out that that was what I wanted to be until the last year of a 4 year media college course, however.

Been doing it nigh on 15 years and wouldn't trade it for the world.

6th Sep 2002, 20:29
what i wannabe when i become an Adult?

Simple one word.
Lara (j/k)

What i really wannabe is an Astronomer. I love anything that has to do with space..:D

;) :p

Raider Sunrise
6th Sep 2002, 20:32
I want to do something about languages, I don't know what tho. I really love learning new languages and ppl say I'm talented at it.

6th Sep 2002, 20:50
I plan in the near future, of becoming President of NHS, Key Club, and VP of SHINE. (these are organizations at my HS)

After graduation, just one more year to go!! :D, I want to get my Bachelor's in Psychology, hopefulyl from U of M, Ann Arbor, and to get my Master's from Columbia University, New York.

Then, if possible, want to marry someone from Australia, so I could move there, and live happily ever after down under. ;) :p

But if that doesn't work out, I want to marry someone who's Greek, so I can name my kids Nikolo and Athena. :)

Kurtis Trent
6th Sep 2002, 21:22
Everybody says I'm such a good actor in school plays and stuff, so thats what I'm goin for. :D And, I also get the lead roles. :D :) :cool:

Edit: im only in 6th grade, so, i have lots of time to think.:D

6th Sep 2002, 21:36
I design the graphics for Harley-Davidson kids clothes.
It is indeed a dream job.
I get to go to work and draw motorcycles for a living.
(as well as the occaisional eagle, flag, flame, dog, cat, bear, lizard, or any of a myriad of other little critters for the tiny baby stuff)

6th Sep 2002, 21:50
well tomorrow i go to take my last class of modeling and i get to take my exam for it and that should be my job for about 3 or so years untill i get another agent :D with MTM i hope to do some modeling jobs and acting. my dream job tho is to be a child psychologist. i cannot wait to go to school and study psychology!! :D

Lil Lara
7th Sep 2002, 01:52
Uhh--I'm not really set on anything for sure, but I do have some ideas...

film director(or something else with films)
broadway perfomer
musician(I sing, if you couldn't tell.;))
or fashion designer

7th Sep 2002, 22:19
hmmm....my dream job is...beging a singer!
I'm taking vocal lessons for 6 months, and I already performed live
and I really enjoy doing these stuff.
I would like to be a rockstar like Shirley Manson....or maybe be an Opera singer...like Emma Shapplin (hey, I can sing opera! but I have to work really hard on it) :p

Lil Lara
8th Sep 2002, 04:01
yay, Shirl! Voice rocks! I've taken voice lessons for a little over 2 years. :D

Shirly Manson kicks ass.

8th Sep 2002, 10:09
I am having fun with these babies all day

IBM z/os Mainframe and 2 IBM s/390 Mainframe

http://www.ibm.com/ru/eserver/zseries/image/900.gif http://www.wird.ch/htm/ibm/pics/s390.gif

The z/os is way bigger than the older s/390. ... and much prettier. ;)

8th Sep 2002, 11:28
Originally posted by Lil Lara
yay, Shirl! Voice rocks! I've taken voice lessons for a little over 2 years. :D

Shirly Manson kicks ass.

woha! you must be really good!
how many octaves can you sing?
Shirley manson is cool because of her attitude, her voice and lyrics, but as a singer...she stinks :p

8th Sep 2002, 12:21
If she has a good voice, she must be a good singer. QED.

8th Sep 2002, 13:22
no, not always.
Shirley manson has some kind of a problem...errr, I don't know how to say it in English so I'll give up for now.

edit: ok, I hope you guys will understand me well.
she doesn't sing in the exact tons of the song ("Drive you home", for example)

Lil Lara
8th Sep 2002, 21:00
Shirley does not have a very wide vocal range, which can be a downfall compared to some other female musicians. She also tends to sing in the same range for like all of her songs. But otherwise, she is a strong minded and good role model, I think(compared to Britney and such, I think she is a way better role model).

She has gone through a lot of hard times and was a cutter(self mutilator). She had/has extremely low self esteem and expressing herself through music has really helped her, along with A LOT of therapy. Lol.

ANYWAYS...yeah. I'm not sure how many octaves. We used to do my range like every week, but now we like do it ever so often. I think I can sing about 3 octaves? *shrugs* I sing at my fair like every year. :D. My voice teacher puts on a show with all her students...and next year, if I get enough material, I will get my own stage! Woo Hoo! Lol. :D.

Just keep up with it, it is tons of fun. :D

10th Sep 2002, 12:10
I think I can sing about 3 octaves?

same here, but I know I can sing in more octaves (hey, that's really good for a beginer :p)

I sing at my fair like every year. . My voice teacher puts on a show with all her students

same with me :D
but all of the other students are way better then me (they studied for like 3 years) and it was so....embressing (sp?) but I was the best performer :p

if I get enough material, I will get my own stage! Woo Hoo!

you're really lucky...:D good luck!

THE True Lara
10th Sep 2002, 13:22
Originally posted by DaveJ
I work in Television as a video editor.

Have you worked on anything I would know/ have seen, or has it been mainly regional work?

10th Sep 2002, 13:54
Been on Countdown for the past year, which is - believe it or not - the most fun I've had working with any team in many a year.

I've done "Emmerdale" a few times, music videos for MTV and the now defunct CMT (for local artists), sports promos for NBC America and FIFA, documentaries, title sequences and even a video proposal for some X-Files publishing work. Even though we didn't get the work, word got back to me that Chris Carter was highly impressed with the video promo I did.
Good enough for me!

THE True Lara
10th Sep 2002, 20:03
Wow, I'm genuinely impressed!
I guess I know who to call when I need a good editor. :)

Are you, humm, would the term be 'freelance', or 'independantly contracted'? Or do you work for a particular firm per-say?
It sounds like you don't limit yourself to any particular genre. Have you ever had ambitions to have a whole series to yourself for editing? Or a mini-series as the US term it, a 6 part-er perhaps, or a one off docu? Or do you find it more gratifying on an everyday job basis to handle shorter projects?
Any programs you want to, or have wanted to edit? ;)
Sorry to sound like Magnus Magnuson, I'm just curious, I find this all genuinely interesting, there's so much behind the scenes that people don't usually consider.
How on earth did you get started in the biz?

11th Sep 2002, 08:02
Don't mind you asking at all!

I did 4 years at Art College doing a media communications course, where I got my Hnd.

Then spent 18 months unemployed. :(

Finally got what was advertised as a school leavers job with an independent in-house production company as trainee editor.
2 years later I was Senior Editor.

Stayed there for 6 years, was then head-hunted by a bigger company in Leeds. (Had the best times of my career here!)
Made redundant 2 years later when the higher-ups made some bad business decisions and most of my team had already left.

Was taken in by Yorkshire Television, who had been (according to the grapevine) trying to poach me for some time.

Been there just over 6 years now, first year as a freelancer, the last 5 as full staff.

As to preferred programmes....I always loved doing music videos, anything with a fast cutting style, promos etc, and multi-layered title sequence work.

As to working on a series....seeing what it does to some of my colleagues working on "Heartbeat", "Where the Heart is" or the old "Trial and Retributions".....I'd give a cautious 'yes'....but it would have to be on a show I personally love eg. editing "Farscape" in Sydney. ;)

As it is, "Countdown" is relentless, but great fun....and like I said, one of the best teams in the building to work with.

THE True Lara
12th Sep 2002, 23:50
Head-hunted eh? You must be good! I'll bet it's a supurb boost to the ego to hear someone's been after you because of the sheer quality of your work.
Speaking of which I actually sat down and watched Countdown for the first time in ages today (nice to see they have 3 maths bits now :D -the only reason I used to watch it), and I was watching the credits, and its just incredible the amount of people employed just for something as seemingly simple as CD. Tell me, how similar is a Video Editor compared to just an 'Editor'? What exactly do you get control of in the production line? Do you find that because of the way the industry is compartmentalised these days you get limited scope on things?
Does working full time for Yorkshire mean that you can't say take time out and edit for the Beeb or Sky on something, then go back?
Sorry, I've sat you in the black leather chair again, haven't I? :)
Thanks for humouring me :D, you know it's nice -as well as reassuring- to hear someone's in a job they enjoy so much!

13th Sep 2002, 01:34
Hmmm... I want to be an editor. I like books, and I would like to sit around all day correcting peoples' ignorant mistakes.
I like computers and other electronics, but I'd never be able to get a job with them even if my life depended on it.
I'm also writing scripts for comic books in my spare time (of which I have very little:rolleyes: ).
I'll do anything relating to literature (except be an english teacher). :)

13th Sep 2002, 07:50
'Video editor' is a strange term.
It can be the person who makes the editorial decisions, or it can be the person who operates the video editing equipment under someone else's instruction.

I always do the first cut of Countdown myself.
Each show comes out of the studio too long, and has to be ideally 37 minutes 30 seconds long. We have some leeway in that we can be as low as 37 minutes dead (but not a frame less) and 37' 40" tops (but not a frame over.)
Once I have cut it down to an appropriate time, Mike or Damian or Catherine (the Producers) will come and watch it through to yay or nay it (they might want more word board shots putting in for the hard of hearing at home to see, for example) and then it is sent off to Channel 4 (who usually send it back because someone in the audience coughed 15 minutes in :rolleyes: )

So I'm lucky in that I am given a lot of freedom in the editorial decision-making department.

We do post production work on a lot of outside companies programmes here at YTV...for example the first series of "League of Gentleman" was done here, and those guys have just spent this summer in our studios again....

Glad you saw the end credits BTW.....I think I'm the first editor in years to get their name on there! 'Video editor' works fine on CD....if I was working on a full blown drama, I think I'd prefer 'Edited by....'

purple rain
13th Sep 2002, 10:06
or singing
ok i might not be "younger" but i'm answering anyway
i would just loooove to be in musical theatre.
i'm already in regular theatre and it's... like.... my second home. and i have sung in performances there before but as SOON as they do a musical i will audition (or beg) until i pass out.

13th Sep 2002, 12:29
Originally posted by Dave J and THE True Lara

I get the calls from the locals every four or five months.
"How's it going there?"
"I've got something that may interest you."
"What are making these days?"
"Can we keep you on our list?"
"Can you send us an updated resume?"

13th Sep 2002, 14:10
Great feeling, isn't it?

13th Sep 2002, 17:47
You bet!