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6th Sep 2002, 12:13
Startopia is on sale in the UK at HMV for only £2.99! Yes you heard, £2.99!

*rushes off to get a copy*

6th Sep 2002, 12:15
oops, maybe should have posted it in the other forum!

6th Sep 2002, 22:20
OUTRAGEOUS! How are MF supposed to get a reward from their game with that kind of price on it. People will think its a rubbish "thing" like Pizza Syndicate and the Developers are trying to squeze something out of it! I won't take it!

*Goes off to boycot HMV*

6th Sep 2002, 22:22
If its selled at that prices now then it will not be sold at any prices at all soon:( :( . Im sorry to say that even if the community is alive and the game is still selling a bit, it will stop to be popular at all in some years. As long as some multi millionarie buys the game and likes it so much so he gives eidos or mucky food some millions to make a Startopia 2 it will be abandomed:( . Do not be sad. The community is still alive and it will live trought many more years. Now when some of the "elders" seem to be coming back, this community may get bigger again. In some years the game may be released as freeware or as abandomware at some oldgamesites. Then the community may get alive again. If mucky foot releases the scource code and such then people may make mods wich may increase its popularity to. I dreamt once that mucky food was creating startopia 2 in secret but that i of misstake discovered a secret website for the game. Mucky food had recruited alpha omega and he was some sort of master programmer there. Just to bad that the dream will probably never come true. If anyone who play this game are a super rich multi billionary you may give some millions to muchy foot if you wan´t a startopia 2 but else it will never come.:( :mad: :(

Sorry for my bad gramar but its very late and im tired.