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5th Sep 2002, 21:04
Last night I was listening to the Big Daddy Graham radio show on WIP (those of you in the Philadelphia area may have heard of him) and he got all over Tomb Raider on the air. I'm afraid you guys got bad publicity.

The issue was 9-11 remembrance and crass commercialism (i.e., people trying to make money off the tragedy at the World Trade Center).

Anyway, either somebody called up or BDG was saying a friend told him this, but what he was blasting was some web site had 9-11 content of some sort, and supposedly right next to the 9-11 content was a banner ad for Tomb Raider.

So, BDG started blasting this like there was some planned connection between whatever content was on the web site and the ad regarding the WTC site being a tomb.

DerHundWegfliegen doesn't believe this was the intent of Eidos. I know those banners come up rather arbitrarily, and aside from a web site categorizing it's content (e.g., something innocuous like NEWS) and it's audience demographic (young men likely to buy video games) ... they're seemingly random, or revolving, or shuffled.

Just one visitor's unfortunate stumbling across these two things together, I guess, taking offense and getting a talk show host's ear.
Der Hund Wegfliegen

5th Sep 2002, 21:22
It's like those people who started panicking and complaining about that strange movie titled "The Two Towers" without knowing that Tolkien published that book 48 years ago and that it has of course nothing to do with the WTC.

In this particular situation some people don't know how web design works. You sign up for a site, and your Web Host delivers the ad banners without your input or any chance of interference and no matter what the content of your web site actually is. So I take it a website about 9-11 will have a lot of unappropriate adverts (probably all of them).

There are a lot of very important but uninformed people are out there.

5th Sep 2002, 22:30
And a lot of uninformed, unimportant people too....

Grey Mouser
5th Sep 2002, 22:51
Originally posted by DerHundWegfliegen

DerHundWegfliegen doesn't believe this was the intent of Eidos.
Der Hund Wegfliegen

You are 100% correct.

some people should not be allowed to have computers...

5th Sep 2002, 23:36
9-11? sounds like a cross between a very fast car and a store that stays open for most of the day.

John Carter
6th Sep 2002, 00:59
Big Daddy sounds like a big *******. I liked TR before last year, and I like it now for all the same reasons and for the fact I can leave the world as it is and hang with Lara in a place where only cartoony bad things happen. Big Daddy needs a new cause celebre to pop off about. He has such strongly held concerns about the atrocity, he should turn off his mike, get off his duff, and join the local firefighters or rescue squad.

Lara Croft Online
6th Sep 2002, 02:01
That website he refers to is mine and you can tell Big Daddy
That I live extremely close to NYC and close enough that
I was able to see the Towers at the time from my Home Window.
I placed that picture on my site right after 9-11. The pic is still
there and will stay there as a rememberence to what happened
that day. The fact the picture is next to a TR ad is only because
it is on a Tomb Raider Web Site and nothing more.

People should get the facts before they speak

(http://www.laracroftonline.com) Tom @ LCO

Lara Croft Online

6th Sep 2002, 12:07
Since Tom made his point clear there is nothing more to debate or vote.