View Full Version : Can't join Colloseum after lending friends some cards

20th Dec 2012, 21:40
Dear SE,

So I lent my friends couple of my cards (bahamut, iron maiden) so he can complete his catalog page. After he turn them back to me, I get this message:

"This contains Guardians used by another player in the current Coliseum". Is there any reason why this happen?? I mean he didn't use the cards at all.. so what's the problem here? By the way, those cards are two of my core coliseum cards.

Any reply would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

Party name: MrAfroHyde
name a friend I lent my card to: Inara

27th Dec 2012, 00:12
I got the same problem bro. I lent my friend my brother's cards (7 5-star cards) for catalogue, my friend sent it back to my account, then i sent it back to my brother's account. I know the rules implemented in the coliseum which states that guardians used in the coliseum cannot be used by others in their team to enter the coliseum. Same with you again, my friend and I didn't used my brother's cards in the coliseum. So i think we did NOT violated the coliseum rules.

i hope SE would read this and address the issue as soon as possible. my brother really wanted to get atleast a bronze-bordered Golbez. Without the cards, he cannot reach B+ ranking. So please help.

team name: YongHwa

level: 105

16th Jan 2013, 23:55
i had to learn the hard way. once they are used in the collosium, they are locked. if they are traded, they can't be used in the collosium until the current one is finished, even if it is traded back to the original owner. makes trading pretty difficult to do..