View Full Version : What is your favorite difficulty to play on?

3rd Jun 2012, 00:57
I usually go for the hardest difficulty, but the difference between Proud and Critical just feels so minute in BBS. My current playthrough is on proud, as was my first, but I did two critical playthroughs between them. I honestly just don't like critical because of the diminutive HP bars. I rarely die, but I just feel safer with the bigger HP bars on proud. What do you all think about the different difficulties, and which is your favorite?

3rd Jun 2012, 07:03
Always Critical (Hardest Difficulty).

If your first playthrough is in the hardest difficulty, your style of play adjusts to it automatically, and you don't quite realize the difficulty. I don't think I even noticed I was playing in Critical mode, once I got past the first area or so.

3rd Jun 2012, 13:20
Proud. But with the amount of grinding I did for commands, I think my Proud run was easier and quicker than my standard play!

EXP Walk also helps.

3rd Jun 2012, 13:29
I never get around to making exp walk until I come up with it on accident when synthing for once more/second chance for the final bosses lol

4th Jun 2012, 10:01
Critical Mode of course :D

5th Jun 2012, 09:57
I play on standard. I can't be bothered to play on the higher difficulties so I just stick with the simple stuff.

5th Jun 2012, 18:37
I enjoy going proud mode so that way I can top up other players who don't play on such psychotic settings.

5th Jun 2012, 18:40
Critical (or given the hardest mode)

Its become simple to just play the harder ones and not feel the difficulty difference

14th Jun 2012, 14:36
I like proud because you can get the secret ending and get the game done quicker.

14th Jun 2012, 14:51
HARDEST: better rewards for some games, and its a better experience!

16th Jun 2012, 19:10

26th Jun 2012, 19:25
I played Terra and Ventus' POV the first time through on Normal Mode, but when I realized I missed some items, I thought "screw it" and just restarted the POVs on Proud Mode, then finished Aqua's on Proud Mode. My goal was to see the secret ending more so than be a completionist xD

28th Jun 2012, 20:47
BBS was the first KH game I'd played since Final Mix II+ came out, so I started on normal and moved up a difficulty level for the two following storylines. Usually play on Critical.

7th Jul 2012, 13:35
I think Proud Mode was the perfect difficulty level for the game. I have never played the game on Normal X). I have always wanted to see the secret ending every time.

I had to have beaten BBS (with every character; thats what I consider beating the game) about 5 times now.

26th May 2014, 09:28
Critical all the way for me. It'll be great to play the HD version on the PS3 collection when it's out.

27th Jun 2014, 13:32
Critical or Proud if critical is not available. I played Ventus in proud, but when I'm at cinderella's world, I figured out that critical is more exciting so i switched to critical.