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4th Sep 2002, 16:31
Okay, so it was my own fault.
I'm still running with a Voodo 3DFX3 16Mg when Morrowmind states on the box (in extremely small writing) that it needs a 32 Mg card.

But still, I've been to their foum and it's chock full of people who are having problems and can't get the game to run, even those with GE2, GE3 and GE4's which are specifically recommended by the manufacturers.

Just wondered if anyone else bought it and had problems?
As it is, I'm not even sure which card to buy to run it properly now

5th Sep 2002, 14:18
bought it
had no problems

you might wanna ask this in general discussion though, as this is a LoK only board..

MW is heavy on the resources, so: i hope you got at least 256mb ram.

if you want to buy a new card, buy a Geforce 4 TI 4400

best price/quality

i hope i`ve helped you a bit