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The Saint
4th Sep 2002, 05:42
In BCD the objective of the mission 8 is to capture the General and get the documents from him. Though I have been successful in killing all but the general and arresting him, I am not able to obtain the papers from him and complete the mission. Can somebody help me out?

4th Sep 2002, 16:22
You have to restart your mission (don't know if it should be from the starting point... yeah it sucks...). In this mission you MUST not sound the alarm at any given time. You can sound the alarm at least once but afterwards you need to be very careful.
After you get in touch with Natasha she will walk to the cabaret-restaurant and after a few seconds the general will follow her in. Then after a brief encounter inside the cabaret Natasha will have the papers in her backpack. ONLY after acquiring the documents you can KILL everyone.


6th Sep 2002, 09:07
HAHA you messed it up there:p

Red Mage
7th Sep 2002, 21:52
make sure the gustapos don't see Natasha or else!:D

10th Sep 2002, 10:14
The Gestapo goons can easily be avoided.


12th Sep 2002, 07:44
Originally posted by iakovos


Opposite of what I have in my sig: have a bad day:mad:

12th Sep 2002, 22:03
You (&)^&#$)*@... I did :(

Iakovos :(