View Full Version : My theory on why Janos was alive in BO2

4th Sep 2002, 04:48
At the end SR2 when Razial shifted into spectral he said, "Kain's warning was lost." That implies that he did not hear what Kain said and then he revived Janos.

13th Sep 2002, 18:37
Janos was alive in BO2 because he was never killed, he says so himself when Kain asks him:

What are you?

<Janos Audron>
Not what, Kain, but who. My visage is unknown to you but my name is
not. Have you heard the story of the oldest vampire?

(Janos Audron- the legendary vampire of ancient days. How was this
transformation possible?) But... Janos is dead! His heart torn from
his body.

<Janos Audron>
Not dead but imprisoned in this place. My blood was needed to power the
Device and feed the Mass within. Starved of blood and sapped of life, I
devolved into that horrible creature. The moment you poisoned the Mass
I felt my strength return! That which is divine cannot be wholly

Ya see...

13th Sep 2002, 19:25
He didn't say that he never died, isn't it possible that he was captured after Raziel revived him?:p