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Lady in Black
3rd Sep 2002, 23:35
I always try to put a picture on my signature. But, it never works out. How do I do it?

3rd Sep 2002, 23:49
Go up to the button at the top of the page that says http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/top_profile.gif and click on it. You'll have a few choices to pick from in your profile. Then click on Edit Profile. When you come to the 'Signature' area, you can put your picture URL in there, and make sure to add in [ img ] and [/ img ] around the URL, of course without the spaces in between.

Good Luck! Hope everything works out! :)

Lady in Black
4th Sep 2002, 00:43
Each time I've done it, it keeps putting the address on.

4th Sep 2002, 02:30
Are you putting in the full URL, htt p:// and all that good stuff?

Like for me, it's [ img ]http ://www.staticon.co.uk/hosted_pix /aquarius.jpg [/ img ] Again without the spaces, and it should work. You might need to talk to one of the Moderators for help, or someone who might know more about this.

Lady in Black
6th Sep 2002, 21:48
Do you think if the address is long, it would affect it? I tried to do it without spaces. But, each time I put down [img], the entire address would drop down into the next space. I put it where there's at least 3 rows of the address without spaces in it, but it didn't work. Does the picture have to be, GIF. Or could it be BMP too? Maybe you're right, I should talk to a moderator. I think I'm going to try it again.

Lady in Black
6th Sep 2002, 21:49
Oh yeah by the way, thanks for helping me.

6th Sep 2002, 22:23
I don't know if it has to be .gif, because mine is .jpg

So are you putting in the URL on a separate line from the [ img ] ?

Lady in Black
10th Sep 2002, 20:15
If you're meaning, did I try it just like that. I think I did and it didn't work. I'm not sure. Well, I going try it again. I guess perhaps over and over again. Sorry. I'm just frustrated.