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2nd Sep 2002, 23:26
Hey all, I started playing this one again just because I think I missed a lot. And so I did. I found this hidden tomb, and, armed with the book all about it, proceeded to enter it. Well, after some fancy footwork, I got past the fire works and am now stuck trying to get past the portal in the room filled with purple smoke. The book tells me "Follow low the sun's good color as it sinks. Then make obiesance twice to the last an homage to the ocean for its power to slay the sun." Ok, near as I can tell the colors refer to the colored diamonds on the entrance. So, I rang the orange one in the bottom right, the yellow one twice, and the blue one after that. Nothing happened. So, I guess this one is over my head... or under it, or someplace where Im not..... anyways, I hate to ask for a spoiler, but I cant stand having to reload this many times, my PC takes 5 minutes to load, then I play for 30 seconds only to reload again. Thanks in advance.

2nd Sep 2002, 23:46
It's been awhile, but I think it's "yellow, orange, blue, blue". :)

3rd Sep 2002, 00:07
Really?? So I guess the book is meant to mess with me. Thanks much Nightwalker! If I remember correctly, it was you who helped me first time around with this mission pack. I guess you've become my go-to person. Thanks again!

6th Oct 2002, 23:27
I've came back to my save after a short break from having a computer, and Im stuck....again. Well, maybe not stuck, I just cant find this tomb. Im past the room with the 4 wooden doors, Ive gotten the key and gold from the left room (I escaped too) and on the right room, I cleared out that little area with the body and booby-trapped necklace. I think there is something Im missing however, because I have a tomb key and the book I found contains more riddles. Any clues?

6th Oct 2002, 23:41
Walk back up the steps from the tomb with the booby trapped necklace and right at the corner at the top, there's a pile of bones on the floor. Examine them VERY carefully. :)