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2nd Sep 2002, 22:23
When Kain kills Umah, why doesn't he absorb her spirit, and a dark gift, like he did with the bosses?

Is it possible that Kain drank just enough of her blood, but not enough to fully kill her? Maybe he drank just enough to put her in a vampire coma? After all, everyone thought that Kain was dead, but the Cabal found him and brought him back from a two-hundred-year-coma. Maybe Kain plans to build his empire first while she lays in a coma, and then he will revive her as his queen. Maybe he says "I would have made you my queen" because he wanted to have a queen to help him BUILD his empire. But because of her possible repeat betrayal, he decides to build his empire first, and then bring her back when he is in full control.

Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic grasping at straws.

2nd Sep 2002, 22:26
Kain seems to thrive on challenges. In every game, he jumps headlong into obstacles, regardless of whether he is alone in his quest or not.

Perhaps building an empire and turning Umah into his queen is the challenge that he decides to throw himself into at that time.

2nd Sep 2002, 22:29
Deffinatly.... Shes dead :) he also says "now u have left me alone" u don;t say ur alone if u intend to bring her back and u don't see her in the SR series... shes dead :P i never did like her anyway.

2nd Sep 2002, 22:40
I don't recall him drinking any of her blood. As I remember it, he simply slashed her throat and she died. Thus, no spirit/dark gift.

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Sep 2002, 00:11
Rook is correct. Kain never drank from Umah.

Compliments of Ardeth Silvereni's website: www.darkchronicle.co.uk

As Kain continues through the Wharves, he encounters Umah. She is surrounded by several Sarafan corpses, but she is severely wounded. Kain kills the last Sarafan knight for her.

We meet again, Umah.

Umah: (breathlessly)

Yes. Kain.
I thought you were to bring the Sarafan Lord to his knees.

I thought...
(Umah collapses to the ground. )

I know.
(Kain drops to one knee beside her as she speaks. )

It seems... I was wrong. I could not carry the fight... alone.

You were brave to try.

Kain... I'm dying.

Yes. You are.

I need your blood. Please. You can save me.
(Kain bends forward and takes the Nexus Stone back. )

I know.
Tell me, child. Do you see me ruling Nosgoth?

Yes, yes. I see it now.

And do you believe that Nosgoth rightly belongs to me?

Umah: (desperately)
I do - I believe it, Kain. Please!

... Then you may die, knowing the truth.
(Kain strikes Umah with his claws. )

Umah: (dying)

You should never have betrayed me.
You could have been my queen.

Umah: (dying)
(Umah dies.)

Kain: (quietly)
Now you have left me alone...

Such a climax. (My favorite scene). :D

Anyhow, Lady Minerva and I got into a similar discussion concerning Umah. I posted a bit of my character thesis that I developed. (But I left some parts out of it). Give this a look and tell me what you think. (I will post it in its entirety this time.) Please note the paragraph appearing in boldface for my speculation as to why Kain did not drink from Umah.

From "LOK Character Thesis" by Umah BloodOmen - Copyright 2002. Not for reproduction

My Thesis & Theories on the Legacy of Kain Series™

Umah’s Character :

Umah was an odd character. I can honestly admit that I enjoyed her presence within Blood Omen 2™, however I felt that she was lacking in the proper character development that we have seen with other characters in the past. I thought that the “tutorial” at the beginning of the game, (involving Kain’s training) was a bit boring, excessive and unnecessary. I personally would have rather preferred the screen prompts, similar to those used in the Soul Reaver™ set, along with minimal dialogue help (much like Ariel uses in Blood Omen™ and the Elder God uses in the Soul Reaver™ set. I found myself rather disappointed with how Umah’s actions were displayed. She was more implied than expressed, meaning that we “heard” what she was doing or where she was going rather than joined her. Granted, I know that she does not have a game dedicated to herself, however I feel that more expressed evidence of how she actually benefited the Cabal would have greatly enhanced her presence within Blood Omen 2™. I feel that Umah was a great way to involve female characters in the direct action of the series, Unfortunately, she did not live up to someone who I would consider to be a “pioneer” of her gender. She looked the part – meaning that her body language was more reserved than proper. Whereas Ariel reminds me of a fancy, distinguished female, Umah, despite looking incredibly stunning in her armor, comes across as more of a tomboy. I also feel that Umah knew her part. Being the child of the ancient vampire, Vorador, Umah struck me as someone who wanted nothing more than to gain from the knowledge of her sire. Despite this devotion of a child looking to it’s parent for guidance, I feel Umah overall was naïve and impulsive. I shall explain my views on this more as you read on.

Umah’s Betrayal: Premeditated or Impulsive? Is Love Something To Consider?

With the many ironies of the Legacy of Kain Series™, I felt that it was inevitable that Umah would betray Kain. Despite this, I believe that her motive for doing so wasn't as vindictive as most other characters who have done the same. I believe that Umah simply wanted to be the hero, I didn't get the impression that she wanted take away all that Kain had accomplished. As Kain continued on through Blood Omen 2™ his arrogance became more apparent. I am willing to believe that Vorador had discussed Kain and his arrogant, power-hungry nature with his child following Kain’s defeat at the hands of The Sarafan Lord 400 years ago.
Umah most likely disregarded Vorador’s warnings of Kain as she cared for him during his slumber. I believe that this is when she learned to hold feelings for Kain. By the time that Kain had awakened, Umah was beginning to fall in love. As she retrained Kain, I believe she naively felt that Vorador was wrong about him, and even perhaps underestimated him herself. I don’t believe that Vorador ever really liked Kain on account of Kain’s desire for power. Umah foolishly stated at the beginning of Blood Omen 2™ that the Cabal could not defeat the Sarafan alone, and that they were willing to put everything on the line in order to enlist Kain to help their cause. When it appeared that Kain grew closer to his victory over The Sarafan Lord, Umah panicked. She was devoted to Vorador and Kain was infringing on that bond and making her look like less of a leader to her kind. Fearing her own embarrassment and perhaps feeling that she was no longer Vorador’s “favorite”, Umah needed to do something, and fast. In her mind, taking the Nexus Stone surely would protect her from being defeated by The Sarafan Lord. At this point, nothing mattered but her own reputation. Did Umah love Kain? Yes. I believe she did, however, she proved willing to throw her feelings aside to maintain the bond with her sire, Vorador, without weighing the consequences of her actions first.

Umah’s Death: Justified or Uncalled For? Did Kain Love Umah?

What kind of leader would Kain be if he had spared Umah? Kain would be a total hypocrite if he let her live, and destroyed others who committed trespasses against him (Marcus, Faustus). She betrayed him by stealing his glory, actually not necessarily HIS glory per say, but THEIR glory. From the dialogue, it seemed that Kain was willing to share the victory of defeating the Sarafan Lord, however Umah's impulsive nature prevented that. I agree that Umah gave Kain what he wanted to hear as opposed to the truth, which in fact condemned her. He was justified in taking her life because a good leader must ensure just punishment for subjects who step out of line, this leads to deterring similar crimes from taking place. Umah's death occurred as a just punishment.
I don't think Vorador even questioned the punishment when Kain let him in on the details surrounding Umah’s death. Although Vorador was shocked and upset by the death of his child, (as any parent would be) he didn’t really argue about it, nor did he seem to resent Kain for doing it. Umah betrayed Kain and let down her beloved Cabal. Perhaps Vorador was embarrassed by Umah’s actions in the end. Either way, he knew what the result of treachery was, and could only respect the punishment enforced.
I believe it was obvious that Kain had feelings for Umah. Allowing himself to feel love for anyone must have been a difficult task since becoming a vampire. Even at the time of her death, Kain never talked down to Umah, yelled at her, nor did he question why she had betrayed him. I believe Kain was tortured by having to take Umah’s life but had to inform her of what she had done wrong, perhaps to justify his actions to himself. I believe it was a sign of true love to both comfort Umah yet still punish her. I believe that Kain felt that he was doing her a favor, sparing her from a more agonizing death at his hands, as well as sparing her from the future events of Nosgoth..

Did Kain Have Anything To Gain By Drinking Umah’s Blood?

I believe that Kain did not have anything to gain by drinking Umah’s blood solely because she lacked any new “Dark Gifts”.
Umah could do everything Vorador can (whisper & teleport) and Faustus can (jump). I am going to go out on a little limb and assume she knew how to use Mist because she reminds Kain that he can use it. She strikes me as being a relatively young vampire. Perhaps she was more of a trainee instead of a master of combat and strategies. I still stand behind my argument that she very impulsive and not well disciplined, (hence her quickness to steal from Kain and rushing out to become the "hero") and had a lot more training to endure before she learned anything new and/or appealing to Kain. Umah never displayed any further knowledge of her skills and/or gifts and therefore didn't appeal to the power-hungry Kain.

What If Umah Had Lived?

Kain was not stupid. He knew that whatever compassion he began showing Umah would only get in the way if he had let her live. She is again, too impulsive and would jeopardize Kain's rise to glory. No offense, but if I worked as hard as Kain did and put up with the things Kain had over the course of these games I would most definately not want to jeopardize it for mere impulse. Perhaps if Umah had actually took the time and effort to discipline herself, then the jeopardy would be worth making her Kain's queen. If Umah had been spared, she would indeed have gained some of Kain's gifts but I still stand behind the argument that she is WAY too impulsive and naive to use them. (I refuse to call her "stupid" just lacks common sense. (She strikes me more as “book smart” rather than “street smart”). I think she would let his power go straight to her head and would've ended up getting herself killed anyway. I am willing to believe that if Umah lived, she and Vorador would clash instead of upholding the close-knit relationship that they did. Vorador and Kain don't get along because of Kain's arrogance and whatnot, and you know Kain would try to instill some of that trademark arrogance into Umah, perhaps taking her on as his own "prodigy". I mean he did instill his arrogance in 6 other individuals we all know and love.(The Sarafan brethren). I would stand to think that Vorador may have even taken Umah out if these events transpired, he's not one to jeopardize all that he's worked hard for just because of someones lack of good judgement. He still remained reserved about many of Kain's actions in BO2.

Will Umah Return For Future Games?

I personally would like to see Umah return for future installments as a more disciplined character (less impulsive if you catch my drift). I found it odd that (and perhaps maybe this is a game bug.) that when Kain took her life, her body remained behind on the pier. All the other vamps that Kain disposed of "vanished" why did Umah's "corpse" remain? (Here we go with the conspiracies again.). Umah's character was definitely left open for her return. Vorador seemed rather attached to her, perhaps he and "the heart of darkness" will resurrect her? I am curious to see what transpires. If Umah’s return can be conducted properly and not too cliché, then I am for it. Give the girl a second chance with Kain. With that being said. I must admit that I am skeptical about this matter being conducted in a non-cliché manner though.

Whew. That was a mouthful. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. This thesis will be appearing on my website soon. :D

For a better look into Umah's character and other responses to this thesis of mine, please check this thread:

Observations II: Was Kain Too Hard On Umah? (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2060&highlight=Observations+II)

3rd Sep 2002, 01:32
Very interesting observations on Umah

I haven't looked into this to deeply, these are my thoughts having just gone through the game once. For Kain not to have killed Umah would have been a betrayal of the character that is Kain. For him to show mercy to someone who betrayed him would require him to have learned that sometimes mercy is the better course. But Kain has not experienced that. His comrades of old betrayed him, then the first person he meets after his defeat betrayed him. The closest thing to mercy Kain has shown was Magnus' quick death, when he learned his champion was foolish, not a betrayer.

I don't think Umah betrayed Kain out of greed or malice. She feared what Kain would do if he "won" and thought if she was victorious she would be in a position to ensure the Cabal wasn't crushed or enslaved by Kain.

I think it is possible to see Umah again, but find it unlikely. At least in my thinking at this moment. One odd note; when Vorador appears, he thanks Kain for saving Umah. Either she was saved shortly after Kain departed by someone else or Umah whispered to Vorador that Kain was there to save her moments before Kain killed her.

3rd Sep 2002, 09:06
1. Thank you everyone for reminding me that Kain did not drink from Umah, he only slashed her throat. I had forgotten about that. I got a bad memory anyway.

2. Thank you UmahBloodOmen and Lady Minerva for your discussion on the relationship between Vorador, Umah, and Kain. I read both the links and was very impressed. Are you sure the both of you don't secretly work with the crew responsible for the creation of the LOK storyline? The two of you read so much into this series.

3. UmahBloodOmen, please list a link once you are finished with your LOK website, I am really interested in reading everything you have to post about LOK. I fully explored blincoln's website and it is one kick-@$$ site! blincoln has definitely done his homework!

4. Kain slashing Umah's throat is just one more indicator that points toward Umah returning in another episode of Nosgoth lore. If Umah's father Vorador can come back from the grave after having his ENTIRE HEAD CUT OFF, then I really think it is possible for Umah to come back from the dead after receiving a wound to the neck! Umah coming back from the dead makes a whole lot more sense than Vorador's return from the chopping block!

5. I would love to see an LOK game that forces us to have to play as different characters during different parts of the story, so that we get a different small part of the bigger storyline each time we switch to a new character. Like having an objective in the game that has to be accomplished by many different characters working simultaneously and independently throughout various locations scattered in Nosgoth. That way, as you accomplish each task, you get to swith to a new character and veiw a new adventure.

6. If LOK ever comes out with a game that allows you to play as other characters besides Kain and Raziel, then I really hope that UMAH, Vorador, and Janos are among the playable characters.

7. I really do think that Umah's role in the Cabal was seriously underplayed in BO2. The whole training area is sooooo tedious. On one of my memory cards, I keep a BO2 file that is saved at the end of the training immedietely before Kain gets his first Lore Box, that way I can skip the whole training area every time I replay BO2.