View Full Version : The Minigames of Final Fantasy IX

2nd Jun 2012, 23:21
FINAL FANTASY IX had a few minigames scattered around the world of Gaia. The most prominent of these are the card game Tetra Master and Chocobo Hot and Cold, but there are a few simple offerings that you can undertake, like the opening fight scene between Zidane and Blank, Jump Rope, racing against Hippaul, and others!

Let's discuss the minigames of FFIX!

And yes, Chocobo Hot and Cold is too addictive.

3rd Jun 2012, 00:19
Does spending money at the auction house count? I always enjoy randomly offering 60000 on the first bid and seeing who would challenge me :D

3rd Jun 2012, 03:26
I liked auction house and CH&C. Also, i can't say that i enjoyed catching frogs.XD

FF9 has some of weirdest sidequests.

3rd Jun 2012, 05:46
I loved the Chocobo Hot and Cold game too; the music used was pretty awesome (not to mention that you could upgrade the bird when you got certain chocographs)

6th Jun 2012, 12:27
i like chocobo hot & cold , the auction house and the friendly monster side quest. personaly i wish that they could of added more play sequences and festivle of the hunt . i like those as well.

7th Jun 2012, 15:56
Yeah, i like Chocobo's Hot & Cold Game. It was addicting once you start finding all the pieces. the Festival of the Hunt was good. it made you battle small monsters fisrt, before taking on the big one.