View Full Version : Alternating Timelines and BO2

2nd Sep 2002, 20:48
I just compleated BO2 and started sifting through these messages so far I haven't found any in refrence to the following idea, but forgive me if this has already been discussed in depth.

At the end of SR2, Raziel's actions cause a disruptiun in time, altering the past. Raziel observes the reactions Kain goes though as new memories flood his mind. With that in mind, the question I have is are the events in BO2 a result of the new timeline created by Raziel's actions or did Raziel alter the end result of BO2? An alteration we won't see until SR3.

I'm inclined to think that the events that unfold in BO2 are at least in part produced by Raziel's actions. It would explain things such as Vorador being alive, since he may not have died in the "new" past. Kain mentions the Hylden when he recives the new memories but that is inconclusive, he could be mentioning them because he now remembers fighting them, or he could have mentioned them because his victory over them was altered or undone. Now Janos tells Kain that the Hylden break into Nosgoth because he destroyed the pilar of balance, but Janos would also be unaware of an alteration in the timeline created in the far future.

The ramifications of Raziel altering the timeline could mean that any events in BO1 may have been altered as well.

22nd Sep 2002, 06:14
After reading your thoughts kagato, I totally agree. For a while I've been pondering why Vorador was alive in BO2... but it makes perfect sense that the whole game is an altered timeline(due to the actions of SR2). I also think that's the reason why Janos was alive, as well. I think in the unaltered timeline Janos remained dead after his heart was ripped out... if he was dead then there was no possible way the Hylden could use him to feed the machine and mass w/in. But if Janos were to be revived, it is then possible for him to be used to feed the machine. I believe this is what kain meant when he said that they've walked right into the Hyldens trap... if Janos is brought back then they could now use him to feed the machine... but if he is to stay dead, then he of course couldn't. Kains new memories of the Hylden in SR2 were new because if Raz hadn't altered the timeline, I don;t think he ever would have! If anyone finds any loopholes in this theory, plz point them out, for I'm sure there are. Any thoughts?