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2nd Sep 2002, 20:46
Any suggestions on how to hold-off the invasion. I've tried many different ways of arranging my army. But, I never win the Battle. Help!


2nd Sep 2002, 22:23
Break your men to two groups covering each other, preferably with 2 commandos for each. Re-locate them to a position where the Germans need to get in close range to open fire. Near the position of the German lines to the south from your starting position is a good spot. Use all available traps and mines and of course use the sniper to take out grenadiers, the sapper to take out lots of people with grenades.

Head over to the Dropzone (see link below) and check the strategies on the Newsflash issues.


2nd Sep 2002, 23:25
Use the sniper to take out enemy snipers too. ;)
Also don't forget that u can attach a grenade to the tripwire.

1st Nov 2002, 01:31
I try and move, but I get spotted too quickly. Suggestions

1st Nov 2002, 07:55
If you are careful, you can get to the wall near where two german soldiers are patrolling. With a bit of luck (and a couple of Quickloads) you should be able to knock them out and tie them up. I lured them by standing behind the wall on the lower side, farthest away from them, then shooting in the air once. The two went over to investigate, and when they walked back, I knocked one out. Then I repeated the trick with the other.

Also switch weapons with the allied soldiers...their rifles don't run out of ammo, and if you give them the rifles form the two Germans, they'll have infinite ammo, as well.

Position your soldiers and commandos in such a way that you have at least two facing towards every path, and put them in self-defense mode (hotkey 'x' on PC)

Place the mines where you think they might be useful, then use the tripwire between the two parts of wall, where most of the enemies will come rushing. Take the Sapper and walk back to the place where you knocked out the two guards, then hide behind the wall and SAVE.

Lob a grenade to take out at least half of the initial force, then equip the flamethrower and torch the first two or three enemies that come to investigate. Now quickly run back to the other commandos and equip the rifle. Lay on the ground and shoot as many soldiers as you can.

When you see a sniper or grenadier, take him out with Duke, or throw a grenade with Inferno.

This mission is all about luck, really. So good luck to you.

1st Nov 2002, 16:19
You can also use the 2 bodies of the first 2 patrolling soldiers to lure the other 2 patrolling soldiers your way and 1 of the 3 officers talking in that area.