View Full Version : Tuttocomb's Tomb = Taffin hard!!!!!!!!

2nd Sep 2002, 19:49
and I thought Escape From Guilesatpeak was difficult heh I've definitely met my match:eek:

I'd tried maybe a half dozen times the past several weeks to play the first mission in "Journey" but couldn't get past the first hallway off the guards station outside the prison cells until this weekend when I found myself moving through it pretty well on hard... it's a great FM but extremely difficult... I actually jumped for joy when I completed it and was excitied to take on Tutts tomb... man it's just as hard if not harder... yeah I've met my match:rolleyes:


2nd Sep 2002, 21:22
I agree. I'm not sure whether I ever finished TT on Expert. G'speak was a long trail of tears for me too. I'm going through a period where I just move past those that are excessively difficult; too much like work. Thief should be fun. But given the right mood, even the really devilish ones can be enjoyable in their own way. I've put aside Elevator for now for this reason, feeling it falls into this category and I'll be in a better mood to play it someday. :)

3rd Sep 2002, 02:30
I really enjoyed Escape from G'speak, but I didn't get far in Tut's tomb, mainly because I kept getting lost. It looked good, but my skills weren't up to it.

3rd Sep 2002, 16:14
Only one gold skull checked off:(

I completed all the objectives long before I even realized it.... but the mission wouldn't end... when I got the fire arrow in the boobie-trapped room I thought I was suppose to use it on the rubble to the tomb that was blocked but it didn't work so I had to find another way in there.... funny thing was when I got the gold skull from the blocked tomb it wasn't the 2nd one like I thought but the third one heh

I had been crouched in the boobie-trapped room when I frobbed the loot and didn't notice that I'd picked up a gold skull (my inventory showed 1 gold skull not two) So I spent a lot of time searching for somewhere to use the fire arrow inorder to get the 3rd gold skull when I had it all along:confused:

The loot 5076/5321, horn and only one gold skull checked off... I thought I was losing my mind trying to find that 3rd skull and here I had it all along the mission just didn't end!!!

Great FM... giant bug:(


3rd Sep 2002, 16:41
Sorry, Speedy. When I saw this thread yesterday, I should have mentioned that bug. I haven't tried the mission on Expert, myself, but I was aware of that problem. There's been a new version released as part of a new mission pack (I think it's the same mission, anyway, but I haven't played it yet). I don't know if that has been corrected in it or not. :)

13th Oct 2002, 02:47
Better late than never.:)

I have just finished Tuttacomb's Tomb as the bonus mission in the Shadow of Doubt series. Expert was giving me some trouble -- I wanted my trusty BJ to avoid these problems -- so I restarted it and reverted to Normal. From what I saw, it appears that the Expert skill no longer has an objective to get three gold skulls. Only one. That is, unless the objective changes in the middle. I never did find a use for the fire arrow.

I got most of the Expert objectives, missing only Walpurgis Night (whatever that is). I got 100% of the loot and pockets.