View Full Version : Why I loved Blood Omen 2

Secrets Of Nosgoth
2nd Sep 2002, 19:22
I loved it, because it was the first game in a long while that was actually difficult. I don't remember dying this many times in a 3d action/adventure game. Plus it had a few frustratingly difficult puzzles. It almost was like an old school 2d sidescroller, just a tad bit easier thanks to the save spots, and start anywhere.

What would have made it better to me, would have been having 3 lives per level, and only about 4 or 5 areas of the level where you can save and start from.

It may have been missing some things Kain was able to do as a vampire in the first BO, I would have loved more magic spells, one time use weapons, and secret areas. But the cool fighting engine more than made up for it (must be played on skilled blocking though).

For the game alone I loved it, meaning if it wasn't LoK, it still would have been a fun game. The fact that it was LoK, and had the great story, acting, and music I just fell in love with the game.

Once again, I must give my props to Cyrstal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive.