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2nd Sep 2002, 16:30
Newbie reporting for duty! Or hazing? Gee I hope you guys are members of the Be Kind to Newbies party. So...well...Hullo folks! I've been reading the boards for a couple of days, started playing about a week ago perhaps. Decided to post (though I'm typically a silent lurker) when this game clawed its way onto my Games I Will Spend Way Too Much Time On list. Kinda late to be a newbie but better late than never, right? Hubby won bonus points for buying this for me, I'll tell ya that.

Dunno what else to say, just thought it should be right that I introduce myself after peering and poking into so many threads. :)


2nd Sep 2002, 17:39
Welcome to Waystation ZetaPlural MkII!

you`ll find the fanfics, rpg`s and other non-game-related stuff in the community section, while questions about the game are usually in the general section.

now that we`re at it, let me introduce myself

Azuriel`s the name, though people tend to call me Az
*shakes hand*

anyway.. *thinks of something usefull to say..*

have a great time! and feel free to ask ANY questions you might have!

*grins* fresh meat for tha grinder...

2nd Sep 2002, 17:49
welcome to the boards. No we actually burn newbies over an open flame before stabbing them with flaming forks. Just kidding. It's good to have more female posters, brings diversity to our arguments...:D

2nd Sep 2002, 23:37
Welcome to Waystation Zeta-Plural, the StarTopia forums.

2nd Sep 2002, 23:46
But what can these bonus points be traded in for? :D

Well hello there, welcome to the boards, ask anything we shall be glad to answer in record time :)

3rd Sep 2002, 00:32
Thanks for the welcome :) Az- I am having a great time, with the game at least, and these forums seem pretty fun, too! Skrasher - Sometimes it's scary sticking yer neck out as a female gamer, but I have too much fun playing not to do that sometimes. Even with the arguments, though I'm usually pretty terrible at that. C_G - Your name, and that question, are just...um they're...ah...

*whistles innocently, adjusting slightly dented halo*


3rd Sep 2002, 00:41
He likes yoghurt.

3rd Sep 2002, 00:57
Ohyes! I forgot, there were some questions I wanted to ask :D

First off, I get random but frequent crashes to desktop. When this happens, I can chalk that game up because loading any save game won't help (after rebooting etc.etc. even). I have version 1.01 (patched). I've tried reinstalling the game. I'm cursed :( I can play quite a while sometimes before this happens, but because of it I usually try to play any game really fast. I'd rather not have to though.

Second, occassionally with Slugapartments the slugs will go into the pods but will never come out. This is like a bug that infects that game too, because when it starts eventually it'll happen to every slug that goes into any pods. Bye bye 'slug appreciation' for my station. Either that or my pods are 'to die for', heh.

Well, my other questions aren't nearly as important as those. Any help would be appreciated!


3rd Sep 2002, 06:11
well the first problem sounds like a memory issue to me... how much RAM do you have? if sufficient, have you tried upgrading to patch 1.01b? scan your HD for errors, and defragment it.

that`s all i can think of now

the other question about the slugs is a known issue, and i believe some people have made fixes for it. i don`t know who, or where to find them however..

3rd Sep 2002, 12:41
Hey. More people buying it! Bring on Startopia 2 :) Okay. Maybe not.

Welcome, just don't be a Dark Newbie™ we've had enough of them over the course of the forum. ;)

Uhhh, you want help? Um. Well. Erm. Sod it, can't think of anything . . . sorry.

3rd Sep 2002, 15:46
512 mb of RAM, haven't had a crash problem like this in any game with this computer before, argh. Yes, I've scanned the HD and defraged. No, I haven't upgraded to 1.01b, and it sounds like I'm gonna be doing that soon as I submit this message, hehe.

Ahh, at least the slug problem isn't just me!

I will try not to be a Dark Newbie™. I'm not sure what a Dark Newbie™ is, but it sounds like something I don't want to be anyway.


3rd Sep 2002, 16:20
*Big nasty clouds appear. With a bit of rain. No bunnys at all*

A Dark Newbie™ is one who brings fear and suffering to the good members of the forum.

*Big nasty clouds disappear. Rain stops. Bunnys appear*

And I'm being useless as it is, so I'll stop posting in this thread now . . . . .

Honest . . .

No, really I will.

3rd Sep 2002, 18:23
Yes 1.01b is a good idea, and my name was created when eating bavarian cream donuts (mighty tasty I must say)

5th Sep 2002, 12:21
Hey Creamy, remember when your signiture said "Creamyness is good, especially in discharge form" ?? That always made me concerned about you.. and welcome to the forum New Person (forgotten the name ALREADY)

5th Sep 2002, 18:28
Well I *haven't* gone to 1.01b yet- I found out that my computer was having some DirectX troubles, so I got that fixed- and hubby's been working on the computers so I haven't been able to test if that fixed my problem yet. We'll see!

And dangit C_G, I'm not a big sweets fan but now I'm having the worst donut craving.

And no, I won't be a Dark Newbie™, I don't want to scare the bunnies away. Unless they're big nasty bunnies with sharp pointy teeth.


5th Sep 2002, 20:17
Originally posted by Zharre
I don't want to scare the bunnies away. Unless they're big nasty bunnies with sharp pointy teeth.