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2nd Sep 2002, 14:13
OK, I have UT, the 436 patch, Thievery Mutator v1, Thievery UT Beta1 & the Beta Patch 1.1.

First, Is this all I need? If not, what else & where?

Second, where can I find step-by-step instructions on installation?


2nd Sep 2002, 15:59
I'm 98% sure on this...

Install UT
Patch it
Install Thievery UT
Patch it

You don't need the Thievery Mutator (That was a teaser for us while they were still developing ThieveryUT)

You will end up with 2 different items in your "windows start menu".
One for UT.....and a seperate one for Thievery.

Hope to see you there soon!

2nd Sep 2002, 16:03
That's all I did. Install UT, then patched it. Installed Thievery, then patched it. And it was good to go.
Been having mucho fun with these guys. Get ready BMan, it is a lot of fun. :D Nothing like regular Thief, lot's of similarities, yet, playing with real people, is totally different. :)

2nd Sep 2002, 16:22

OK... install UT & patch with the 436Patch?
Then install the Thievery Beta1 & patch with Beta 1.1... right?

And when all this works, where do I meet up with you all? What is the secret password & is there a schedule?


2nd Sep 2002, 16:51
Thats right Bman.
You got it.

When you start up Thievery, go to the "find internet games" tab, then go the "Populated Thievery" tab, then you will find about 6-12 servers.
Ours is the one thats like (}{}Thief{}{) (or something like that)

Send a Private Message to Leatherman or theBlackman for the password and ISP address.

I don't know the schedule, but it seems to be online only on the weekend evenings and maybe wednesday nights?

Maybe you will want to play each level on your own (not online) to get the hang of the controls first though. Thats what I did, but I still suck. :p

2nd Sep 2002, 16:56
Hey Rick, we are learning aren't we? ;) Last nights Spider level was kick ass. That was fun! :p Hey nothing like having 2 women gang up on ya aye? :p And you handled yourself well. ;)

2nd Sep 2002, 17:26
Are the levels included in the Thievery Beta1 download?

What are the maps listed at the Thievery website?

2nd Sep 2002, 17:32
Yes all the levels are included, just DL and see for yourself what is included!
Too many maps to name. I am too lazy to type them all. Just DL and start playing. ;)

2nd Sep 2002, 17:38
Yes Bman...all the levels come with the Beta Download. I don't think anyone has made any FM's for it yet.

Definatly BA. That was awesome! I think my hands are still shaking a little! :D
I'll remember that one for a long long time! Mel was sitting here with me through that one, and she was even getting excited...
"watch out!"..."wait".."over there"! haha...it was great!
I never told you girls....
I was down to 3 health sheilds almost immediatly after that mission started with no health potions. I think it would have took about 1 hit with anything and I woulda been killed. When you two double teamed me, somehow you knocked me down to 1 health sheild. So that made it even more nerve racking! :D
I was tempted to jump off a ledge, just so I could respawn and re-stock, but I was afraid to leave that switch unguarded for more than about 5 seconds! LOL

The next one (where me and Sneak were guarding in "Breakout") was pretty awesome too! Vesper and LM put up one heck of a tough fight. I don't see how it's barely possible to get through those doors in that one, without a full-on frontal assault.

Man..I'm getting hooked on this worse than I was on Thief I think. ;)

2nd Sep 2002, 17:39
Thanks everyone,

I will work to get everything loaded & working & hope to see you in the game next weekend!

2nd Sep 2002, 17:46
You should be set Bman, just make sure to get some solo games in to familiarize yourself with the controls, weapons/items, AI and especially the maps before you jump into multiplayer.

The server is currently only running on Wednesday (around 8pm EST) and Friday through Sunday evenings (around 6pm EST). I had a request for today since it is a holiday and will do. Look for it around 6pm EST.

The maps listed on the Thievery site are not all included in the current release. Some will be released in the 1.2 patch.

A PM has been sent with the info to join us. ;)

2nd Sep 2002, 17:47
Originally posted by BmanRogue

OK... install UT & patch with the 436Patch?
Then install the Thievery Beta1 & patch with Beta 1.1... right?

And when all this works, where do I meet up with you all? What is the secret password & is there a schedule?


Be certain that you install the THIEVERY into your main UT folder.

It kinda works like DROMED it must be in the same folder as the UT.

Start from the Start-Program menu.

When on-line, start from the Thievery Tab, or from the OPEN LOCATION.


2nd Sep 2002, 18:04
WOW RicknMel! What an account! Tell me more... More stories, more 1st hand accounts, anyone, Please! It sounds fantastic!

[I'm stuck here at work all alone, replaying Calendra's Cistern and chatting with y'all!]

2nd Sep 2002, 18:14
Originally posted by BmanRogue
[I'm stuck here at work all alone, replaying Calendra's Cistern and chatting with y'all!] Um, what kind of job do you have that let's you play Thief? I need that job, bad!!! :D

2nd Sep 2002, 18:34
Originally posted by LeatherMan
Um, what kind of job do you have that let's you play Thief? I need that job, bad!!! :D

Its only on Holidays that I am afforded this luxury... But, I am prepared with TDP and a pile of FMs :D

Its OK... I turned the boss onto Thief and now he plays it with his son.

...All I need now is a chilled adult beverage and a fine cigar... but, I must wait 'til I get home for that.

2nd Sep 2002, 19:01
Originally posted by BmanRogue
WOW RicknMel! What an account! Tell me more... More stories, more 1st hand accounts, anyone, Please! It sounds fantastic! Here's a small movie (http://www16.brinkster.com/salvage/misc3/picture.htm) that Salvage recorded of one of our games. And then the ending (http://home.woh.rr.com/rnmssite/Salvage%20Anim2.gif). Enjoy!! :)

2nd Sep 2002, 19:10
Originally posted by BmanRogue
WOW RicknMel! What an account! Tell me more... More stories, more 1st hand accounts, anyone, Please! It sounds fantastic!

Well...I'm no storyteller, but I can tell ya a bit about Thievery from my perspective (in laymans terms) Just to wet your appetite even more for it. ;)

General game notes.......
There's about 10-12 different maps
You get to choose if you're a guard or a Thief, or you can be a rat, and run around watching everyone. Also when you're a rat, you can "attach" yourself to anyones shoulder and watch their game, from their perspective. Thats fun to do when you need a break! You can also learn alot that way (if you don't attach to me) :p
You get "x" amount of dollars to spend in the store to get supplies before you start. You start to learn what types of things to buy for each different map. They all have their differences.
You can chat "real time" during the game:
You can "whisper" so only people on your team can hear
or you can "shout" so everyone can hear.
It hillarious when someone shouts when they meant to whisper!
(example) ....A thief wants to whisper to another Thief..."I'm hiding under the bridge"...and they shout on accident. LOL!!

From the Thieves eyes..........
Weapons you are used to from Thief include, a sword, blackjack, water arrows, vine arrows, flashbombs, inviso potion..etc..
There's also "crack arrows" which make a guard completely disoriented for several seconds (like they're on crack) :D
You have your light gem to tell if you're hidden or not. You can run, jump, mantle, creep, and even lay down (although I forget how) Hmmm...maybe I need to learn how so I can "play possum"??
It's real fun when you plan an attack with another Thief to get past a tricky spot, or tough guard. One can cause a diversion while the other snags the loot or something.

From the guards eyes....
The thieves resemble "The Keepers" from "Equalibrium". They disappear completely when in the shadows. It's very creepy. You need to use your flares alot to "smoke them out of their holes". ;)
It's really creepy when your standing there, and a torch thats only 5 feet from you gets doused. :eek:
You're not sure which way to run, or where the water arrow came from.
You plan your defense by laying mines, and caltrops (paralyser mines) and positioning the AI guards where you want them (you can command their actions)
You have some new weapons to play with:
Tag arrows (makes a Thief glow for about 10-20 seconds if you can hit them with one)
Paralyser arrows (Stuns a Thief for about 5-8 seconds so you can catch up)
Mace (Sword on steroids)
The guard team has one supply chest, which give all guards an endless supply of flares and broadhead arrows. But the Thieves can smash it, and then you have to fix it (if you purchased a repair tool) So keep it hidden and/or protected.

Hmmm....I'm sure there's lots more I could write to get you to quit work early...but maybe I'll leave it at that! :p

Eidt...LOL Leatherman!

2nd Sep 2002, 19:13
Excellent, LeatherMan!!! Great Movie!


The detail is uncannie and one heck of a story line!

Well Done!!!!!

2nd Sep 2002, 19:37
The actuall "in game" resolution is a wee bit better than that though. Salvage must have a weak video card or something. ;) :p

2nd Sep 2002, 19:54
Can I import or at least reset the control binds for UT like I have them in Thief?

I noticed that the look function was opposite of Thief in UT.

2nd Sep 2002, 19:54
Guess I'll see you later today around the ole Thievery Den? By the by...hope I didn't upset you the other day when I tried to help a little. Just thought you might have wanted to know why you were busted up there in the gallery...? You know I meant well and just from a Rat's perspective...could see what happened :) You also know that I've got to be the worst at playing this game...so I'm not criticizing you one bit and I think you know me well enough not to take it personally. ;) So not to worry BA...yes we are ALL definately still learning :D Ta and Good Hunting!

2nd Sep 2002, 21:10
Basically your movement keys set in Thief will be the same as yours in Thievery. The main difference is in your F keys and your weapon keys. When in game your F1 key will bring up a screen that shows whos playing what and time left in the level and pings for everyone, etc. Just hit F1 again to clear. Do not hit F4 or maybe it''s F5 (can't remember for sure but it will crash your game). Make sure you do your loadout configs for both Thief and Guard but you can only do this when you bring up the game either in Solo (which you should) or in actual game status. Then depending on which character you play...your weapon keys will be fixed to whatever was programmed to the best of my knowledge...one main difference I've found is your sword key. At least in mine where it is number 1 for the original Thief...when I play Guard, it becomes number 3. I don't believe these can be changed as well as others. If I'm incorrect on this, someone please explain? :)

When you get killed...you need to hit your "fire" button to respawn and hit the V key to reselect one of your loadouts to continue to play and right click mouse again to start. While in game as a Guard...you can also hit the V key to get two selections...one for speech and one for vote. Sometimes, just for fun you can use the speech (by clicking on it) and you'll see certain types of little things that can be vocalized by clicking on one of them. Not done too much but once in awhile we do. :)

You really need to experiment a bit with it to get familarized with the use/play style...and only in this way are you really going to learn...it's much too big and complex to try and explain everything. Vesper has made some drawings of the maps to try and help learn the way around these areas...where rooms/tunnels etc. are...but only playing and/or spectating (as a Rat, right click to get CAM views of each player in rotation per click) to see how some of its done and where to go. It won't answer all but gives some helpful info for ya. You can also travel around but don't fall/get into a sewer cause you can't get out...at least not till the next patch...or you bring up the console and type "suicide"...then that lets you respawn so you can usually get back up on the ground to continue on your own...to travel around if you want.

That's pretty much what I can tell you as of now...so Good Luck and Good Hunting!

2nd Sep 2002, 23:32

After the UT or THIEVERY intro hit ESC. this gets you to the main menu page.

In the options menu you can set the controls for any pattern you want. Thief- Thief2 -UT or custom.

When you start either UT or Thievery WAIT WAIT WAIT.

The Game(s) will start to load then there will be a period of time with a Blank screen.

Then there will be some voiceover and cut scenes. At this point ESC will take you to the main menu.

When you select a game or a site. WAIT. The unreal engine seems to take some time to load.

After you have seen the intro once or twice just hit ESC as soon as you hear sound.

2nd Sep 2002, 23:36
Hi !

It's the F4 key you don't want to hit. Crashes the whole danged game. The F5 key is way cool tho, with this you can get a 3rd person view of yourself and F6 will do away with the 3rd person view.

After you have seen the neat intro and listened to the great All is Silent song the first time, just hit the ESC key to bypass that whenever you play again. That will bring up your menu screen and here you can go to Options> Preferences> Controls and you can rebind your keys to what ever your lil' ol heart desires.

I need to spend some time and rebind a few of mine. I'm finding that I can't get to my flashbombs and invisi potions fast enough, and reorder my arrows so that the most used are closer to my left hand. But in the heat of a showdown I get so excited and fumble fingered I don't know if any rebinding is really going to help me. :rolleyes:

And don't listen to Huntress......she just thinks she is the "worst" at this game. I have got to be worse than she is. :p Luckily all the folks playing are most forgiving and don't get mad when I help the team to lose. We still seem to have fun.

I had a heck of a hard time last night when LM switched to Coop and we had self imposed rules of no killing and no KO's and go for max loot,...... heck, Sneak and LM were even playing with no torches put out :eek: . I have never ghosted any misssion before and this was a real challange for me, but great fun even if I ended up being a rat a few times and watched Sneak and LM finish up the winning the map. Sneak and I even won a few maps later on, alltho Sneak ended up doing the tuff parts in Aquatone.

Vesper :D

3rd Sep 2002, 12:31
Well, I got everything loaded and running including my binds!

To everyone that worked on Thievery UT development, I can only say WOW! Bravo! Fantastico!

It runs like a top on my dual AMD 1500s and man, does it look great! The guards look like real brutes... can they be blackjacked?!?

I was only able to spend a few minutes in the Flats. I waltzed around as a guard and took a look at the place and, as I said before... WOW! I can't wait to see the rest.

Where can I get Maps of these places?

Has anyone been able to take a screenshot of the maps from above while in the editor?

Rock-on, I can't wait to see you all on-line!

3rd Sep 2002, 16:04
Vesper is making some. She has a few done, but not "The Flats".
Maybe if you ask her really nice with sugar on top, she'll send them to you. ;)

Yup...Anyone can be BJ'd. If a guard has a helmet on you have to BJ really hard otherwise,,it just breaks the helmet. .... (hold the BJ up for about 5 seconds before releasing it) ... (Similar to a "backstab" in Thief)

4th Sep 2002, 17:57
Rat mode ROCKS!!!!

Man, you can really fly around the place like that.

Are there any Thieves when in single player & as a rat???

Had a blast as a Guard too... Taking my mace and pummling fellow Guards...hehehehe..."How do YOU like it, HUH???"

*thump**thump**thump*... whoohoo!

sorry, eh-hem, OK, I'm better now, hehehe...

4th Sep 2002, 18:14
Spectating as a rat in the game is great fun, you can right click on your mouse in a game, and follow the other players. Sorta a piggy back if you will, another great way to learn more about the game. :)

In multi player, you can have a rat and thief, not playing by yourself. Playing solo, you can only be one of three things, guard, thief or rat.

One time, there were 4 of us as rats, jumping on a bed. :D It was hilarous. :D You can jump around and climb on things pretty good too.
Salvage taught me some tricks being a rat. ;)
Being a rat is cool as hell, you fly man. I like hopping around as a rat. So if you see a rat hopping around, you know it is probably BA. :D
LM and I were rats the other day, jumping on a dead thief, I was trying to nibble on the dead thief, but, couldn't do it. LM's tail was in the way. HAHAHAHAHA! (not really) Both of us were jumping up and down on the dead body. Hhhhmmm lovely aye?

4th Sep 2002, 22:50
Originally posted by RicknMel
The actuall "in game" resolution is a wee bit better than that though. Salvage must have a weak video card or something. ;) :p

Hey, quit dissin' my video card!

If I remember correctly Flats is the only level that has a map already in it(hit m to see the map) although I can never remember to look at it when I'm playing.

Here's all the maps that I have - Thievery Maps (http://www16.brinkster.com/salvage/thievery/thieverymaps.htm)<font size=1> (hopefully it's alright that I put them on my webspace)</font>

4th Sep 2002, 22:50
Yeah Vesper,
Co op is real fun. If you play it straight it is easier though you can bait guards so you team mate can trounce them, and you can blast through the map to the win. But playing it with no killing, no KO's and no dousing pumps up the volumn quite a bit. And in Co op you can play around with lots of things like climbing all over the place and hunting down every piece of loot.

I love it but it is not good for more than 4 players I don't think. 2 to 4 is probably best. Any more and the Thieves could overwhelm anything. Ha!

And Bman,
Tonight is the night in about an hour or so. We will be living, dying, falling, jumping, dousing, assaulting, arrowing, mining, flashing, tagging, paralysing, roof hopping, duckwalking, crouching, standing, looting, bleeding, spawning, watching, creeping, stealing, running, walking, guarding, lighting, tropping, tripping, swimming, cracking, burning, flaming, and of course Blackjacking everything thats dumb enough to turn its head. HA!

And it is all coming to a server near you! :) Come get some, and don't stand in the Shadows. :D

If you want you can come in and observe to see what it is like. Or play too. Is much like regular thief but much different also. Humans are always alert and out to get you. They do not have a set path they follow, can go anywhere they want on a whim for whatever reason. There is NO Musta Been Rats with Humans. You minor flub it and ya better be good at evading or at the big takedown cause someone is gonna come for ya! Is a kick. There is plenty of sneaking around but also you are up against a clock or mission time, so you have to push it also. Sometimes you have to be fast. Fast Stealth! Ha! And if ya want, you can slug it out with another player, HA! Good luck there, when I try that I bite it about half the time and sometimes we both go down at the same time.

And there can and should be teamwork if you communicate with you team mates. You hit a tough spot or have an idea and you can communicate a plan and do it.

I can't remember how many players LM's server will hold but if it is not full you can spectate a lot. If it is full then I know LM has asked that people watch a couple and then let other people in to play. You can always come back. I don't know if we have been full yet even on a busy night.

How many does your server hold?

4th Sep 2002, 22:57
I believe it's set to allow 10 players.

roof hopping, duck walking - ha, but what about maceing and chaseing.

5th Sep 2002, 00:22
The server is set to allow 10 connections. If all players were on broadband it would only be good for about 6 or 7, but since several are on dial-up I push it to 10. The max I have seen on the server at any one time is 8, but as this Thievery mod snowballs it is only a matter of time before it hits 10 on a regular basis. That is when I will ask spectators to disconnect temporarily if they only plan on spectating for a few rounds.

Anyway, the server is up and I will be a little late as usual, so come on in and spectate at the very least. See ya there!

5th Sep 2002, 00:38
I forgot Pacing and Sniping! Ha! :D

On the way in.

5th Sep 2002, 01:58
Oh Salvage,
That is so cool you put the maps up on you web space. I just spent a good part of this last week trying to learn how to set up my web site and not as easy as I thought. Have a program for making web sites that I'm not happy with (Something called Design Shop Gold) and ran into a snag with it that I need to talk to my ISP about. It's gonna take me longer than I thought setting things up, I haven't even finished the first tutortial. My Teach Yourself HTML Visually book looks easier to learn than this supposed WYSIWYG program.

Now I think I'll just toss aside learning the web thing for a little while longer and work on some more maps, which I haven't done for the last week now......and hopefully you can host a few more for me til I can get it together.

Thanks for doing that! :D

When I first started making the maps I paced off from Aquatone to the Flats as a guard. Counting my footsteps and using graph paper to plot things out. Then I opened up UnrealEd and started messing around and found the wonderful and a little bit easier method of taking a screenie and just using the floor plans there. I say a little bit easier cuz I still can't figure out how to tell the thing to just show me the different levels seperately (ie. first flr, second flr, and basements). I still have to sift through all the levels showing at once and figure out what goes to what. It took me 2 weeks to figure out just how to turn of the damn actors so I didn't have them all over the place on top of everything :rolleyes: .........Still surprises me tho how close to accurate I got pacing things off as a guard tho, almost on the money to what the editor shows.

......oh yeah, and you have a great creating DromEd Maps Tutorial on your site too Salvage! hehe, I've had it in my favorites for a few months now and did read it to get a few hints to help me along :)

5th Sep 2002, 03:43
Sure I can host more maps, just as long as they get sent my way.

Glad you like the maps tutorial:)

5th Sep 2002, 15:02
So BMan! What did you think of last night? What were your thoughts on it? When you were stuck in the spider mission, I wanted to come and find you and help get you out. Didn't have time, the clock was ticking. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut of anyways. :p :D

For some reason, I thought you were playing with Sneak, (on the Grange, I think that is what the map) as a thief, but, I got Sneak instead. I sure would of liked to of seen myself be Flash Bombed, and swinging like a maniac to get Sneak. Must of looked like a fool. HA. Being a guard is fun sometimes. The more you play the easier it gets. Sometimes those guards are plain stupid to give commands to:D All the different weapons to play with. Tis good fun indeedy.
Join us more often. :)
We had fun on Co-op last night, throwing boxes at one another, Sneak likes those crack arrows. Man trippy indeedy.
Breakout, LM, Sneak and I kept playing tag, and trying to bash each others brains in. Couldn't tell if it was me or my comp screen that was wobbly. :p :D
Vesper? Have you found the alternate exit in Breakout?? A bit faster to go out that door. By exit A.
I'm having too much fun with you guys. :)

5th Sep 2002, 17:52
I had an absolute BLAST! after I got out of that *&^%$#@ cave :rolleyes:

I was playing on my wife's PC (500MHz) and it was very slow & choppy but, still, I had fun hangin' wit y'all!

Who was I riding thru the one game? Was that you BA?

It also gave me a chance to see some parts of the maps that are not accessable to solo rats. The rats are a great feature tho and are very helpful.

I saw another rat running around too... was that someone else? Huntress maybe?

Anyway, I guess the lag time goes away with a faster PC so I hope to have my Big 'Un up & online this weekend.

See ya all later & thanks again.

5th Sep 2002, 18:27
Yeah it was a lot of fun. We even did box tossing and catching. The things we players will do for a thrill.

LM we found Non_Player in The Theater and BA, Vesper and Myself unloaded our arsenal into him. Broadheads, water arrows, Blackjack, flashbombs, crack arrows, the works. He bleeds but didn't go down. Was funny. A Question, if we find a way to kill him, will your server crash? Wahaha! :D

Still licking my wounds from BA nailing me twice..........Yes TWICE in one mission. Nice work BA! :)

Was out of time so it was a full frontal assault on the double doors of the house. First time I was inviso and LM nailed me anyway. Musta been all the arrows I was taking from the guards, they were all in there in one place and its hard to hide when the blood is flying, inviso or not. Wish I coulda seen a replay of that one. HA! Next time, I got in and past em and grabbed the loot. But was trapped in a set of rooms. And LM, BA, and a hoard of guards were at the doors. My health was already low from the mad rush in, Inviso means inviso, not invulnerable, Ha! I tried a flash bomb rush out but BA was blocking the door and she nailed me with one swing.

Health Potions Sneak, remember Health Potions!

The last rush I was gonna open the front doors, toss some flashies and whatever else in while Inviso and run to lure them out. Heh, well some guard nailed me with a paralysis arrow and another got me with I believe a Tag arrow, not sure. Just no room to manuever there. I ran but was leaving a trail. Inviso ran out and was hit by another arrow, can't remember what, got hit a lot by those guards, and here comes BA around the corner . I flashed her but could not move. Low health again and she ran in blindly swinging and KaBamm. Nailed again. There wasn't enough time for another assault by then. About 11 seconds left. What a fun rush it was though. :) I have been on the guard end of that and it is wild when someone comes rushing in like.

And so BA, Since you killed me, Twice, does this mean you have given up blackjacking me HA! NO? Well hurry up then dagnabit, the anticipation is killing me. The longer it takes the more it is gonna hurt. HAHA! Come Get me if ya can! Nany nany nany! ;) I have a Crack Arrow for ya which I got from TBM's endless supply! LOL! Oh, I know it is coming! Ultimately inevitable! HA! Just wait til I respawn! ;)

This game is too fun! :)

See everyone in there this weekend! :)

5th Sep 2002, 19:13
Bman, you were riding on my shoulders throughout that game. :) You know? You can go anywhere, pretty much as a rat. The rats can go through doors. Just don't fall down a hole, or try to climb a ladder, you can't do it. You should be able to go anywhere you want as a rat. Play a guard on solo, you can get into all the places too. Good to learn the maps that way. Also play on Benny mode, good for first time thieving, and learning the ropes. I played Benny, ok once, funnier en hell. They see you, "OH that shadow moved?" OH DOH! Can't you see me you idiot! I am in full light. They need glasses. HAHA.
Even now, playing on Genius or clever, no big deal. Yeah, I may still get nailed, not that often.

Oh Sneakster, Sneakster :p But, of course, I shall come out of no where, and nail your ass again. :D You know you want me to. :p LMAO!!! *BUT* Black Jack or whatever is up my sleeve, I'll let you findout. :D MmKay!! Ahhh a crack arrow just for me, well ain't you a sweet thang!

And yes, you need Health potions, who do you think you are??? Garrett? LOL!

Sometimes I was upstairs running back and forth to protect the doors, and would hear the action going on downstairs, so I hauled ass downstairs to see, and would just come into the thick of things, and *WHAM!!!* It was all a blur, white screen and all!
HAHAHA! Sooooooo, blind fighting does work I see, swing like a banchee, sooo gasshoppa, you do a good work as a blind guard ah, yeah.

You gave a *GREAT* description there Sneak, it is hard to see sometimes as a guard, you get the full view as a thief, so your version was great. Hell, I didn't know I got you twice!! :o I knew I hit you that one time, outside, the action stopped, nothing, I didn't know you died. So, I ran back inside, to safe guard. Aaaawww poor baby. Need a band aid?
Respawn baby, respawn, and bring it on. ;) I shall be waiting. BOWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I know your *DYING* to findout, and so you shall. And shall I too. HAHAHA!

Funny with that Non_Player, that was the first time I saw him, I have seen the non player spectating as a rat. But, didn't think anyone was really there. It was easier to see the non player in the dark, he showed up as a thief better in the dark.
Example in Aquatone, he is always in the ducts, fully lit.
Edit, if the non player is fully lit in the ducts? And I have supposedly been in that area. Why haven't I seen him? Hhhmmm. Probably missed him anyway.
It be interesting, someone playing a rat one night, tell us where the non player is, so we can see and check it out. I always thought the non player was in name only. Learn something new!
Thanks guys, your great to play with.

6th Sep 2002, 20:20
well, I stole UT from my husbands son, loaded it and downloaded everything else. Took all afternoon though so I have not had time to test it out to see if the game runs. Hopefully soon, I'll join you taffers. I want to be a rat. :D

6th Sep 2002, 20:40
You may as well join in tonight, I'm sure Leatherman will be along later to give you the details.

6th Sep 2002, 21:00
Aaaahhhh Haaaa!!! Another woman to join the ranks aye? Cool littlek. Looking forward to you playing with us, at least spectate as a rat at first.
We have such a good group of people, helpful taffers, it is a blast. :)

6th Sep 2002, 21:17
Take a look at the Thievery Maps page linked to in my sig, Deep Qantas gave me a few more maps(one for Nostalgia and one for The Theatre) with a hint of more to come in the future.:)

6th Sep 2002, 23:24
Originally posted by littlek
Hopefully soon, I'll join you taffers. I want to be a rat. :D That would be great, but I have no way of sending you the info. PM or email me and I will be glad to send it. ;)

That's funny about the attack on "non_player"! Just remember that he will be playing sometime tonight as "LeatherMan", so don't be too harsh on him! :p

Server will be up soon! :thumb:

7th Sep 2002, 18:52
Was really fun last night, Spider was challenging.

LeatherMan, I guess this (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=56768) means we'll be able to try out Thiefmatch.

7th Sep 2002, 19:01
Yes, Lassie, I have seen this (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=56768) already, but I have already tried that and it still didn't work for me. Maybe I will look into this (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=56768) again. I would definitely like to try ThiefMatch!


7th Sep 2002, 19:21
Well when it works I am up for a trial of Thief Match!

See everyone around later tonight.

Signed: Toaster Oven
Snobbly Clown

Ha ;)

9th Sep 2002, 15:13
I have been practicing but the games runs terrible on my laptop. It is very jerky so I get killed a lot by the guards.

What does it take to kill the guards? I think I was in 'spiders' and hiding in an air vent from a guard. I pelted the guard with mucho arrows and he just cursed me. He finally ran off and I was able to chase him down and kill him.

This is hard. I have yet to finish the objectives in any of the levels. I'm just trying to survive!

Does the rat option only appear in multiplayer?

When is the next on-line game scheduled?

9th Sep 2002, 16:21
littleK. LM runs the server on Wednesday night, and the weekends.

As for the guard, you can Black Jack them, hold down the button, and make sure the Black Jack comes *ALL* the way up, it looks like it almost blocks your view a bit. Just tip the camera up, and you can see, with a blow like that, they always go down. :D
Usually, ha.

You can spectate solo as a rat, in thieves-v-guards. There will be no thief, just you as a rat, or choose guard, and you can learn the maps that way too. Spectating as a rat, right click on the mouse, and you can watch other people as they play. Great way to learn also.

You can also draw your arrow up, get it ready to shoot out of ear shot range of the guard, they don't go onto alert. Hey is someone there?? (When you do that, they usually have a patrol path that they follow) When they come back, you can nail them with one arrow. ;) When you get your bow ready while they are there, they hear you, it takes 5 or more arrows to get them to go down.

Aaaahhh, sharp shoota Haha. Yeah come on in Wednesday night. The weekends are fun too. Watch out, these guys are blood thirsty. The more you play, the better you get.

14th Sep 2002, 15:07
haha.........I just got off the phone with Mel (she's at work this morning) and she told me about the great time she had with you taffers last night while I was snoozing. :D

I just didn't have the energy to play or even watch last night. But it sounds like she really enjoyed herself. Uh oh...we might have to start fighting over the computer again. Time to order my P4 2.5GHz with the VideoSmokerXVII video card! ;) :D :p

14th Sep 2002, 17:12
Rick...and especially Mel! It was great to have her on board and spectate with us. :) We had a good time last night. Had some interesting games to say the least. Have her start learning the game Rick. ;) Now, now, you two can share. :D Always great to have another player on board.

And I stayed up till 2 AM playing with these guys...;) :D
Too much damn fun.

21st Sep 2002, 00:39
If I can't connect, does that mean it's full?

I go to open location, select IP and I get a message that it cannot connect.

I checked "preferences" and "network" it said that I was using a modem. I am at work and I know we do not use a modem. What is "ISDN" and "cable, DSL?" I am wondering which I should select.

21st Sep 2002, 00:57
I am by no means a good tech support source but I can offer my opinions (which are no more than that.....opinions)

I doubt the server is full. But I'll check that in a few minutes and post back...

I do however have a guess as to what the prob might be...
You said you're at school. I bet there's some kind of firewall. I had to adjust my firewall to allow the connection to LM's server.
I wonder if it's stopping you from connecting??

Anyone here know how to check if thats the problem??

Good luck littlek....hope you can get through! :)

Edit..... I didn't actually go in the server....but it shows up in my list as being ready with no-one there yet.

Edit 2 ...
Salvage and LM are there now. I'll be joining in 15 min or so. Can you get into any of the other servers in the "Thievery Poulated" tab?

21st Sep 2002, 01:56
Thanks RicknMel - you may be right about the firewall. I tried the populated server and it shows nothing.

I'll keep trying!!!!!

It's not going to work tonight. I'm going home.

21st Sep 2002, 03:28
Originally posted by littlek
It's not going to work tonight. I'm going home. Sorry to hear littlek. :( Hopefully soon. If you have more problems, PM me and I will try to help.

21st Sep 2002, 21:19
Originally posted by littlek
Thanks RicknMel - you may be right about the firewall. I tried the populated server and it shows nothing.

I'll keep trying!!!!!

It's not going to work tonight. I'm going home. I did a little search, and here is something that might help. (the links are underlined)

from the Infogrames Support FAQ for UT (http://www.ina-support.com/faq/ut_pc.asp)
"I can't connect to another computer on my Local Area Network, the Internet, or any of the multiplayer services provided in the Favorites portion of the multiplayer join menu."

You must have the TCP/IP network protocol installed and bound to your Dial-up Adapter, Network Adapter, or both. If you will be playing Local Area Network Games, TCP/IP must be bound to your Network Adapter. If you want to play over the Internet or any of the available gaming services, TCP/IP must be bound to your Dial-up adapter. For more help, please see our Windows 95/98/ME Modem/Network Troubleshooting FAQ (http://www.ina-support.com/general_troubleshooting/Win95_Modem_Network.asp).

If you will be playing on a LAN, you'll also need to set up unique IP addresses for each of the machines that will be in the game. See the section below labeled "Setting up local IP addresses for LAN games".

If you're playing the game on a computer that's connected to a corporate network, the network's firewall may not allow you to connect to Internet games. Check with your network administrator for details on this problem.

Please Note: Unreal Tournament does not support the IPX/SPX protocol or Null modem connections for multiplayer games!