View Full Version : How do you get people to sign your guestbook?

2nd Sep 2002, 11:40
I beg and try but nobody signs it!Any suggestions?

2nd Sep 2002, 13:32
Be patient is the only advice I can give you. Don't force people to sign it, as they will not have any meaning as they didn't choose to sign it. ;)

2nd Sep 2002, 14:34
croftmania your site is beautiful - I too have added it to my favourites and will browse more at my leisure!!!!

2nd Sep 2002, 19:41
tie their hands behind their back............ didn't think that through very well did I...

Make your site make people wanting to voice their opinion about it. Perhaps you should use something controversial.

3rd Sep 2002, 09:10
I just went and visited croftmania's site once again and found a pretty funny thing I've missed before. You can look at it if you click here (http://tombraider4u.port5.com/funstuff.shtml) . Just continue clicking on the button and you'll see! :D And I must say that the site design is quite creative and imaginative as well as it's full of info! Good job, croftmania! :)

5th Sep 2002, 07:08
Hey Croftmania! :)

I visited your site. Very nicely done! You did a great job with it. Very informative about Tomb Raider. :)

I signed your guestbook. For some reason, my entry did not appear. Why would that happen?

Your site is in my Favorites and I will be visiting it often.


Lara Croft Online
5th Sep 2002, 07:41
:D Make your guestbook the main page and the link for the menu
is after you sign lol

Raider Sunrise
5th Sep 2002, 15:15
Wow, wonderful site croftmania!! I've also signed your guestbook :) And that button thingy CyCro mentioned was hilarious lol :D

14th Sep 2002, 18:49
Ask nicely.

Though only one person has signed mine so far... *pouts*