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LiL Goten
2nd Sep 2002, 02:58
Post your Methods of Madness here:

Ninja Extrodinaire:


Weapon: Berrata with Silencer

Kill First Peeing Guard that comes through door and hide body around corner so the one that comes walking by doesnt see, then kill the one that comes walking by.

Go Through door and go through basement way. Go in kitchen and then up stairs. In the vary next room their is a guard standing in the hall way. Kill him. The door hes waiting next to is where your target will enter. View your map for any patrolling guards and take care of them.

Kill target when he enters room. Take room key and go back the way you came and check basement.

If you happened to kill the Enemy with the gun strap, you can exit with style and go in the garage and drive out of there. If not just exit through the door you came through.

Note: I did this with no alerts but with a certain degree of aggression since i ended up silently killing 9-11 people lol.

Oh and is it me, or does the map showing "all" the people on every floor inside and out kinda kill the skill involved.

2nd Sep 2002, 09:12
I f you can see all the guards on the map then you are playing on easy, on medium or hard you CANT see all the guards, only the target.

2nd Sep 2002, 12:56
i'vce gotten
mass murderer
and sociopath(whatever that is)
i just went around killing epople with a silenced seim auto

2nd Sep 2002, 17:28
I've got (in this order)

mass murderer
silent assassin

8th Sep 2002, 21:29
got mass murderer for my first mission. not too bad hehe :D

10th Sep 2002, 06:57
My ratings so far:

Mass Murderer
Hired Gun

3rd Oct 2002, 20:15
Lets see... how I did the first mission:

Ok, went immediately left, whacked postman with silenced 9mm. Dragged behind trees just outside of his entrance point, stole clothes, stowed away guns. Ran to grocery delivery (slowed down to walk when I got there). There were 2 crates, I waited until the grocer was delivering one and then I stowed my guns in the remaining crate.

I went to the main gate, was successfully frisked and let inside. Went to the front door, walked inside and flowers were given to the maid. After a few seconds, the guard followed her into the other room, and I went through the west door, and then north to the northmost room (picking up deagle and extra ammo). Went back to the room south of the office, waited for guard to go through door and garroted. dragged body to north office, changed into his clothes. Then went through dining room into kitchen and got guns from crate. Went upstairs from kitchen and whacked rover, lawyer, and stationary guard, and then mafia boss. Went back down to the kitchen and then down to basement to check on padre. After objectives changed, left basement through stairs going out. Snuck around to back of garage, went in and stole car.

Got a professional rating on that :) On levels 2 and 3 I've gotten Iceman and Executioner, respectively.