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Mack the Knife
2nd Sep 2002, 00:51

too lazy to go search the forums and Allied Power doesn't have a walkthrough nor does Drop Zone nor Walkthrough-on line so i'll ask the brethren.

ok, just starting Saving Private Smith. gay boy is supposed to scale the building tiny is in, hop thru the window, knock out the officer guarding tiny and then tiny ties up the guard. well, i climb the outside wall and get on the balcony where the officer is pacing but then i can't climb the wall to get to the window. i shift and i get the climb icon but i freaking click everywhere and gay boy doesn't climb. besides calling him gay boy, what am i doing wrong? thanks guys...

2nd Sep 2002, 01:32
If you use the rat to distract the guy one the balcony, you can make it all the way up to where Tiny is being held. Just peak through the window to see where the guard is, and then jump in and take him out, free Tiny and tie him up.

Mack the Knife
2nd Sep 2002, 01:47
since tomorrow's a holiday i have some time to play this so you can see i'm desperate! thanks doc but i can't seem to climb to the window! i shift and the climb icon comes up but i click on the wall, the window, everything, all over and he never climbs. it sounds like you did it, do you remember doing anything different? just shift and climb the wall to the window?

2nd Sep 2002, 03:50
hm, strange, I remember just clicking (w/o holding shift) on the wall and he would move to that spot (that is when he is already on the wall). Maybe I am mistaken, dunno. Also, try to start climbing in the exact center of the building. I remember when I started slightly on the right, Lupin needed to center himself which cost precious time.

2nd Sep 2002, 04:21
Yeah I think you have to press shift and the cursor changes to the climb cursor.

2nd Sep 2002, 11:16
A simple click would do, but if it doesn't work use Spike to distract the soldier that is looking at the electricity pole at the waterside and climb it, the wire leads to the upper hallway where the soldier is patrolling right next to the room the GB is held, spike will even find you there and return. :)

Mack the Knife
2nd Sep 2002, 15:16
thanks 1shot and i tried that. the guy in front of the door never moves so you enter thru the window, he fires and alerts everyone. i knock him out, knock out the guy that comes out of the room where tiny is, i enter the room and close the door. i can't seem to activate tiny once i'm in the room (what do you do? clicking on him or 'S' doesn't do anything) and then a bunch of other guards come in and riddle me with bullets...

also, i've tried everything to get him to climb the wall to the window once i'm on the balcony. i even knock out the guard up there to give me more time and click everywhere on the wall with the climb cursor and nothing! you guys know i'm not someone who just got the game and unfamiliar with game play so this sucks that i can't get passed this....

and thanks for the help thus far

2nd Sep 2002, 16:18
Well, the soldier in the hallway is patrolling in my game? Before you enter the window you better quicksave and take a peak inside to see if he is looking your way. You untie the GB by shift-clicking him. After you get him you better go out the window on the other side of the hosue and use the wires to get to the house with the sapper because it's impossible to go down the ladder without being spotted at the beret's house.

Mack the Knife
2nd Sep 2002, 16:40
the soldier in the hallway is patrolling in my game?
well, i peaked in the window waiting for him to patrol until i ran out of stamina! hmmm, him not patrolling and me not being able to climb the wall, maybe somethings wrong with this mission in my game. seems doubtful though. damn...oh well, i'll keep trying and take your advice and see if i can get in and out of his sight while he's looking away although i think he scans pretty fast...thanks for the help! did i say damn before!? :D makes me feel like a newbie!

2nd Sep 2002, 17:47
Was he smoking?

2nd Sep 2002, 17:56
I did it this way:
first I crawled down the balcony, I climbed on the wall and hanged there, when the officer went away,I climbed up and knocked him out, then I peeked through the door and went in after the soldier was standing to me by his back, I knocked him too, searched the furnitures and then opened the door to the room with 2 soldiers and a lieutenant in it, I waited until one soldier went to talk to the lieutenant, then knocked the one standing soldier and climbed up, then I threw some cigs before the walking soldier and knocked him out, then opened the door to Tiny and the guard, waited until he didn't see me and knocked him out, freed Tiny and tied the soldiers on that floor up and took the stuff from the box! :) this my "hard" way.. enjoy!

2nd Sep 2002, 18:03
Originally posted by 1shot1kill
it's impossible to go down the ladder without being spotted at the beret's house.

is it?:D
for that u only have to put the decoy somewhere, then fire the gun and go to the "Tiny's" room and wait until only 1 soldier is still up, then knock him out..I actually did it..

Mack the Knife
2nd Sep 2002, 18:14
ahhh, life is good again! i did it!! and 1shot, no, the guard in front of tiny's room was not smoking and he never did patrol! i earlier tried the pole to the left of the house, this time i tried the one to the right (this may have been the one you were talking about 1shot but at first i thought you were talking about the other one). anyway, it took frantic clicking to get the window cursor to come up but finally i was in on the other side of the room. i distracted the non-patrolling guard at the door with the rat then knocked him out, knocked out the guy inside, and untied tiny and woohoo!

so thanks much x, 1shot and ziili!! hey! a back on topic thread!

2nd Sep 2002, 18:24
Originally posted by ziili

is it?:D
for that u only have to put the decoy somewhere, then fire the gun and go to the "Tiny's" room and wait until only 1 soldier is still up, then knock him out..I actually did it..

Well, i try to get though the game undetected, never fire a gunshot unless there is no other way, there is 1 corporal and 2 patrolling soldiers at that ladder so no way you get down undetected.

2nd Sep 2002, 22:36
You can always go out the way you came, 1shot. As far as I recall I did that. The GB can climb down from the window and so does Lupin.

As for Mack, my get in approach was the safest from the wall. Distract the officer on the balcony with the mouse. Climb all the way up (the cursor shows a wall with an arrow moving upwards) and previously to entering to the room (the cursor changes to entering a window) by the window I saved my position.
Then I timed it so that the officer in the room was looking the other way and presto, he's out, Tiny's free and we can move on with the rest of the mission.


2nd Sep 2002, 23:37
Well, the wy i came was impossible to as it requird a soldier to be distracted at the wire, i exited by the window on the other side which wire you can use to get directly to the sappers house without touching the ground.

4th Sep 2002, 15:30
The most excellent thing about Commandos is the fact that there is no one right way to do things.

8th Sep 2002, 02:33
The Thief can swing the wires undetected, but whenever I try to use the Green Beret he becomes target practice :(

8th Sep 2002, 11:41
The beret is not seen swinging either, he is the same as Lupin, they can only be seen on the wires if a german soldiers sees them starting to climb the pole.

8th Sep 2002, 13:32
Well you know the building where the GB is tied up in? Try to exit it on its West side through the window. No matter what, they would shoot the Green Beret.

EDIT: I never had the problem before, maybe it is because it was on Very Hard difficulty.

8th Sep 2002, 14:57
They will not see u there for sure, i have used that wire when playing on very hard, read the manual they will not be seen when swinging unless someone spotted them while they were climbing up to the wire.