View Full Version : hitman differences

2nd Sep 2002, 00:25
I wasn't able to find a way to send this directly to the hitman team so I figured i'd post it here and see if anyone has their e-mail.
i just played the demo and loved it, but found a couple of small things i really liked in the first one gone. the first thing is when you kill someone, they fall in that awesome way where the force of the bullet controls their movement, but in H2 once they hit the ground a lot of times their movement seems to be restricted and they stop. like if a bad guy falls onto a pot and kind of slumps over it, in the first one he would keep sliding until gravity had run its course. but in H2 they seem to stop before gravity completely runs its course.
the other thing is that a lot of times when you kill someone it almost looks like they just hit the ground and didnt even fall.

i know these things may be changed in the final version, but i figured i would say something before the game is released. i wanted to cry when i found the demo because i was so happy to get to play more hitman!