View Full Version : FM: Karras' Diary Ready NOW

Thorin Oakenshield
1st Sep 2002, 18:46
See Here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?threadid=4913)

1st Sep 2002, 19:43
I will be downloading it shortly and will look forward to an interesting game to play and pat yourself on the back for it's completion :) Ta and Good Hunting!

1st Sep 2002, 20:42
And with that......
I think it's time for a sig update Thorin ;) :p

3rd Sep 2002, 00:39
LOL...Watch you don't cut yourself there Rick. ;)

Good going Thorin. It sure is a nice feeling to finally kick that .zip out the door and carve another notch on yer belt. The way things are going, I won't be playing your FM for quite a while yet, but I have started picking off recognised targets first, so maybe it will be this year?! :rolleyes: :o

Thorin Oakenshield
3rd Sep 2002, 21:58
I updated it Rick;)
Ok Gumdrop. Lot's of taffers seem to like it. Well on the ttlg forum:D Yep one more notch on the old belt, I'm glad it's finally out the door. At one point I thought it was a boomerang:D

4th Sep 2002, 00:06
Thorin, I finally got it downloaded and installed yesterday :) Have started playing it and it looks really good! I'm only playing on Hard right now and it's been interesting play...LOL Have just raided Warehouse "A" and what creepy characters you came up with! :eek: However, one question is sortof bugging me to ask: I got what was supposed to be the upgraded full version from Cheap Downloads and it showed something around 58mgs after download...although the site says its 60? Also, I don't know how to check your byte size vice mine since I don't see that number anywhere and it's zipped?

Your briefing was very very well done and I really appreciated all the work that went into it :) I really like your story line as well...carrying the end of T2 into a new story but related well into it. So thank you for what is turning out to be as good as I thought it would be :) LOL...but ALL THOSE CRATES!!! :D I still have to find those blueprints...so am I wasting my time now in "A"?

Ta and Good Hunting!

4th Sep 2002, 02:06
Yep, there's nothing else important in there Huntress. Time to move on and keep searching. :)

4th Sep 2002, 18:03
Thanks, got it last night and started in. Not finished yet, been all over the place and there are still a few items I need and places to get in. Warehose A bottom floor, the Transcumboomeration Building, and the Temple and whatever else I run across. Will get to it later. :D