View Full Version : Karras' Diary READY NOW!!!

Thorin Oakenshield
1st Sep 2002, 18:42
Here you go taffers, This only took me a day:rolleyes: to upload.

Get it from my site, Or the cheap thief missions site where it is hosted.

1st Sep 2002, 19:08
Been looking forward to this one..Cool..grabbing it now.

Thorin Oakenshield
1st Sep 2002, 19:30
Jason has just told me that there has been over 40 downloads already:eek: It's only been there an hour or two:D

You eager beavers;)

Apparently I forgot to mention one of my beta testers in the readme file Sorry
Thanks also go to PETER for beta testing ;)

2nd Sep 2002, 15:08
Grabbing as we speak!! :)