View Full Version : No Planet Thief. Why ?

Beagle Boy
1st Sep 2002, 18:05
How come Thief does not have a website like PLANET THIEF. Like Planet Quake, Planet Unreal, Planet Half-Life ect. Even Daikatana has a Planet Daikatana. :)

1st Sep 2002, 19:22
Thief The Underground is trying to become PlanetThief..but as of yet it hasn't hit the requirements to get it's Planet status..Not sure exactly what those requirements are thou..

1st Sep 2002, 21:21
What is Planet XYZ.

If it's the central website for all your needs, then surely TTLG (Forum & TheCircle) must be "it".

2nd Sep 2002, 14:20
I found this not very accurate site, with many broken Links.

PlanetTHIEF (http://planetthief.virtualave.net/)

3rd Sep 2002, 12:49
What a junk yard!