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Miss Croft
31st Aug 2002, 19:37
What Eidos forums do everyone visit? I only really stop at this one beofe I'm on my merry way. What about you lot?

31st Aug 2002, 21:20
I have tried a few others but I spend most of my surfing time just here!! The Eidos boards are the best I have come across!!

31st Aug 2002, 21:46
I only visit this place and my own forum. Too many is hard to handle. Going here. Opening a new window for there. Oops, don't forget that place! One more! Ohh yeah, I forgot this one. Gets a bit overwhelming if you ask me.

1st Sep 2002, 08:19
You have a forum Dak?
You kept that quiet!

1st Sep 2002, 13:52
just this one, TRLE, ECC and the mods forum for me..........hmm, in fact, scrap that "just"