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31st Aug 2002, 13:13
I've been taffing around TTLG for a year or so (some here might know me as TheImmortalThief), and I've just noticed this great fan community here.(The Inn's bar has pretty good drinks too.) So I've decided to hop over and share the fun brewing here at eidos.

Over all, I posted this thread only to say Hi, my fellow taffers!:)


31st Aug 2002, 13:29
Hello there. Welcome to this side of the net.
Grab a drink and watch your loot purse. You are among Thieves ya know ;)

...so what versions of Thief do you have?

31st Aug 2002, 13:49
There's also a mad taffer running around giving people wedgies so be on guard:D

31st Aug 2002, 14:42
<i>Bravus wanders over to Immortality and buys him a malt beverage of his choice, and chats for a while... maybe edging into position for a spot of pocket picking. Unfortunately he's too slow, and more accomplished thiefsies have already taken purse, pocket lint and Calvin Klein underwear by the time he makes his move.</i>

Welcome to the Burrick, Immortality!


31st Aug 2002, 14:49
Welcome to the Crippled Burrick, Immortality! You'll find quite a few of us that you've seen at TTLG show up here, as well. :)

31st Aug 2002, 14:52
*Immortal lowers his hand to guard his purse and notices with satisfaction that his 'decoy' purse has been stolen. Just then he hears a BOOM and turns to see a few taffers, two tables away, pinching their noses against the horrible stench rising from the now-open-decoy-purse. Immortal chuckels with satisfaction, but just then discovers that his underwear has been stolen. Silently he thanks the gods that he still has his pants.*

so what versions of Thief do you have?
TDP and TMA. I don't have thief gold, but I'm thinking about getting that one too.

31st Aug 2002, 15:14
As BA swings from above, seeing the new stranger, a smile crosses her face. Wait a minute, "If I have to smell that stench one more time, I will have a bit of Immortality myself, if that doesn't whaft away here soon. WHEW!
Almost falling she grabs on, man........:D :p
Snapping her fingers, a rope arrow magical drops right next to her, time to introduce myself, she thinks.
She glides down, softly landing on the floor, so not to disturb the crowd. She approaches.....and speaks up.
"Well another taffer found us! Heads turn, hey BA! Meet our newest Acolyte. :D Why hello there he says, Immortality is the name. Nice to meet you. Noticing a pair of underwear hanging from the nearest chandelier, "OK someone is going Commando style?" Damn better watch the pockets I pick or I might pick something else! :o Did someone get wedged??!! :D :p ;)

Welcome to the other side, we have a great group of people here, some has been around for a few years now. The wit, and wisdom, the respect is unsurpass. We have a great time, and share in the good times, as well as the bad. If ever you need a friend, these guys are there.
Again, welcome. :)

31st Aug 2002, 17:41
The arrival of the stranger drew the attention of the gathered thieves. Slow currents of movement began in various areas of the inn, as the more avarice members remembered their thinning purses, made their way toward the bar with thoughts of plunder.
New blood occassionally meant new gold.

theBlackman sat in his corner, shadowed by the massive fireplace, but with an unobstructed view of the room.

As usual RickNmel, sidled over with advice about thieves, while removing the purse from the newcomers belt. Sly Foxx at the other side was also up to his old tricks.

Meantime Bravus (late as usual) bought the stranger an ale, hoping that the distraction would allow him an opportunity for a quick profit. theBlackman chuckled to himself as he watched disappointment show on Bravus's face as he realized he was too late.

Nightwalker, lady that she is, graciously welcomed the newcomer. And mentioned that they had briefly met in another venue.

The explosion and reeking stench that suddenly flooded the room from the table where RickNmel and Sly Foxx had retired with their loot, and the arrival of Broken Arts in her flambouyant manner, turned all heads and created a momentary lull in the rumbling hum of conversation. All eyes were on Broken Arts or the gagging RickNmel and Sly.

"Time to pick a pocket or two", mused tBM, slipping into the milling crowd. A quick circuit of the room, and back to the table brought a small profit to hand, and funds for the rest of the night.

"Welcome, to the Crippled Burrick," theBlackman called to the bemused stranger. "I see you have met our star attraction, Broken Arts, and that you have a certain nasty wit and sneaky turn of mind. You should fit right in."

"Have a drink on me, and as BA said, we are a friendly bunch, but not beyond a joke or two of our own. I will say that we are good to have as friends, but can be even better enemies, if required."


31st Aug 2002, 17:58
Welcome Immortality, I'm Hawklette and I see you've met some of the other Taffers here. We have a good mix and a lot of fun. Help is always available but you may pay for it. She says as she looks for a purse. Then there is a commotion and a terrible odor. Ugh !! What now? Looks like Ricknmel got into something this time instead of his dog. :D

31st Aug 2002, 18:20
Ahhhh tBM, you may want to check out the picture of SlyFoxx, yes the word Foxx is usually indicative to female. But me thinks HE might take offensive to the gender bending. :p ;) :D

Sly's Garrett voice is too ahhhhh, good for a females voice. :D

31st Aug 2002, 18:44
Originally posted by BrokenArts
Ahhhh tBM, you may want to check out the picture of SlyFoxx, yes the word Foxx is usually indicative to female. But me thinks HE might take offensive to the gender bending. :p ;) :D

Sly's Garrett voice is too ahhhhh, good for a females voice. :D

True I did know that, but thoughts of you do tend to turn my focus to the feminine. :D :D Resulting in a typo or two.

31st Aug 2002, 19:05
Why thank tBM. :o ;) :D

Don't do a typo just for me now. I hope you don't loose all sense of rhyme or reason now, no, as a matter of fact, you seemed to Limerick quite well these days. :D
I still owe you for that whack on the head in Thievery the other night. ;)
Any chance you gonna be around? Did I hear correct, you had a system crash, failure or something er other? Hope to see you back on Thievery soon.

Sorry Immortality for getting sidetracked here.

31st Aug 2002, 19:20
Hi Immortality,
Welcome aboard the Eidos Thief Express. Mind the patrons, they swing from Chandeliers, make humorous comments, write stories, give you Fire Arrow Enemas, engage is strange and wonderful off topic discussions, give good advice, and all the while they are stealing from you. So steal back! Fair is fair!

Such a group.

Oh, and thanks for the watch and car keys. Now I will know what time it is while I am riding around in your car! :D

Dang it, almost had his gas card too! ;)

31st Aug 2002, 19:34
If you wait long enough Sneak, you just might get a whiff of some more gas........:D :p

31st Aug 2002, 21:22
Huntress arrives after having cased the joint to see what all the noise was about...and having satistified herself there were no guards around...she finds a nice comfortable chair to recline for a bit. Excuse me barkeep, but could you accept one of my worn out chits and set everyone up with a little toddy? I notice there's a new Taffer in the house and would like to join in the festivities to welcome him :) She calls out "Welcome to our Guild Immortality, glad you stopped by for a spell." She adds to the rest of the members, "Great to see you all here as well, but what is thatsmell she asks"? I thought we had the fumigators in here recently? Then politely, theBlackman leans over to explain the misfortune of RicknMel and SlyFoxx, and Huntress bursts out in laughter at the thought of these two underestimating a "new" Taffer in our midst without checking him out first! :D Silly young'ns, always getting into trouble first and asking questions later...LOL :p

By the way Immortality, are you also into playing Thievery? One of our Taffers' by the name of LeatherMan runs a server for our group and perhaps you'd like to join in? He's up only on certain days of the week and weekends but I'm sure you'd be welcomed since your an experienced Taffer :) Ta and Good Hunting!

ps: I'm known as "The Fire Eater" on TTLG although I'm not there very much....

1st Sep 2002, 12:57
Immortality checks for his set of spare lockpicks and keys but can't find them."That's strange I could have sworn I put them..." just then he notices the cut purse named Sneak holding his keys and talking proudly to a few other Thieves, he only catches a few words of the conversation: "...Now I can drive his car and..."
"Hmm, I wander how he wants to turn on my horse with those keys?" thought Immortality, "Seems like this calls for a little action." He starts making his way towards Sneak, On the way he collects his underwear from the chandelier while putting on his belt's saftey lock. A few tables away, he blends into the shadows and sneaks up behind him. He carefully unties Sneak's purse from his belt and leaves an anonymous "thank you" note in it's place. "I wander if I should steal my keys back too" thinks Immortality "Nah, I'll let him have a little more fun with them before taking them back."
Immortality goes back to his seat and resumes his conversation with a few safer looking taffers :cool:

2nd Sep 2002, 20:57
Returning from an extended trip abroad, BmanRogue returns to Eidos to find much has changed but, not the friendly, knowledgable & civil atmosphere. Opening the door he sees the Inn is crowded with Taffers and the place is abuzz with words of welcome to a new face and countless atempts at his purse.

Bman walks over and greets Immortality and assures him that there is no better place, to find what a Thief needs, than here in Eidos.

Welcome Immortality... Barkeep, a pint for our new friend!

2nd Sep 2002, 23:49
Welcome ! :)

3rd Sep 2002, 00:32
Haha...trust Clay' to use the one single word that applies the most! :D

Yes indeed "welcome" to the Burrick. I'm sure you will come to think of this place as a safehouse from safehouse. ;)

Oh...And don't worry about the undies. I find they go against the grain of this place. Just sit back and hang out with the rest of us! :D

3rd Sep 2002, 14:15
thoughts of you do tend to turn my focus to the feminine....................TBM

I didn't think I was the only one.:)

3rd Sep 2002, 16:37
littlek saunters into the Crippled Burrick. She notices a new taffer leaning on the bar. Thirsty, she walks by without greeting the newby and promptly gets a wedgie....she turns and the new taffer is now smiling devishly. She fingers her BJ.......

Greeting and Welcome Oh Immortal one.

4th Sep 2002, 04:33
Bump....littlek that was a classic.:cool:

Oh btw...Immortality...It looks like you are learning the delicate art of the wedgie. SlyFoxx puts on his best John Wayne voice Well I'll tell ya' pardner this forums only big enough for one Master Wedgie giver...If ya' want the title yall hafta earn it. [/John Wayne]

btw...everybody go play Thorin's new diddy. It's kewl.

6th Sep 2002, 05:51
Ahhh, a challenge!
Well, Slyfoxx, how about we start with this one: Where is your purse?;)

6th Sep 2002, 12:28
SlyFoxx, always in a jovial mood when not avoiding the Templar's wrath (gotta get back to the LAG btw...) goes to buy the new taffer a drink. He finds Immortality at the bar ordering up a pint for himself. "Hey that's a prettry cool lookin' purse." "You know I got one just like it." "Here, let me show you." "Ah what?...Wait a minute!!!"

Sly: Hey you %#*&#@ing taffer...give that back! My rent's due tomorrow.

Immortality: Shoulda' thoughta' that before you came in here causing trouble. Now you find out where it's at...and it's not hustling people strange to you...even if you do got a two piece custom made blackjack.:p (laughter from the rest of the Burrick) Hey I got an idea. Why don't you head over to Lord Bafford's. I hear he's got a septer ripe for the pickins. (more laughter from the crowd) Didn't I read about your exploits in the paper by staff writer Lone Coyote? (HUGE laughter from the crowd)

Sly: (Humiliated heads for the back door.) Humm...guess I better find this Bafford's place. I hope there are no sewers involved. I hate sewers.

6th Sep 2002, 15:37

A few minutes after Slyfoxx has left:

Immortality: "Hmm, I wander if I was a tad to hard on him?" he sippes his drink, "I think I'll give him back his purse....but only after he comes bach with the scepter." (me ebil!)