View Full Version : Door no. 5 is giving trouble.

31st Aug 2002, 07:24
In Thief II, In the mission KIDNAP, I have reached to a point where I have to search for the key for Storage Room Door no. 5.
I have scouted the whole area but I am Unable to find the desired key. Last fifteen days I am hung at this place.

Please help me out.

31st Aug 2002, 08:27
Hello Garrett. That is a common question. You need to go to Sub Aquatic Base #2, or whatever it is called, and look for a flooded basement in the building itself, not the surrounding deep water. There are two ways to get into the basement. One is through the locker room and another is in the central area. Once in the basement, look for the key in the knee-deep water.

EDIT: That mission is Precious Cargo, not Kidnap. I do not think there are any storage doors in Kidnap. And it is actually cargo locker #5, right? If not, post back and clarify your mission and the objective.

2nd Sep 2002, 05:48
Thank you Peter, for your help.

I got the key under Subaquatic Post # 1. There is a reference in one of the scrolls that an officer loses the key in Subaquatic Post #1 and must have been slipped through the gaps which are found on the surface of the Subaquatic Post #1.

You were right, the name of the mission is PRECIOUS CARGO, KIDNAP is the mission following the later and it is cargo locker 5.
Actually I had posted that message in a great hurry.

Thanks for the support.