View Full Version : Sig for Ghyron

31st Aug 2002, 02:54
Since Ghyron seems to affraid of the Eidos Community Forum, which is actualy not full of evil spamming, newbie bahsers as I once thought. But kind and Helpfull people.

Anyway I got Staticon to Make Ghyron a signiture image thingy. And here it is;


5th Sep 2002, 20:19
Ooh, it has flames.

5th Sep 2002, 21:50
Oooh, I like it. Why isn't this a poll?

"Who likes the new signature?" It could be yes or no, and have a stupid, nonsense third answer. And the mods could cheat and put the yes up to some ungodly nuber...

Wait, we have one of those kind of polls already, eh?

5th Sep 2002, 23:00
I'm not going to make a poll because I already know that you all like my new signature.

Any malcreants who disagree can submit themselves for mandatory cranial reduction.