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31st Aug 2002, 00:57
The great thing about the game it that it has so many facets so that you can approach situations from unending ways using personnel, equipment and weapons as you see fit. I would like to see some things improved, at least, rather than deleted in C3 as some folks use some equipment I don’t prefer. Since everyone plays differently it makes it interesting for all. But I have some doubts about certain things even after hundreds of hours.....

Cigarette packs I use in one of the training camp missions only. Yes they can distract the enemy but aren’t vital. Canned food is fine. Fish food is something else to fuss with if Fins is intent on spearing someone. The spear gun is a dud. He can’t swim with it at the ready and the reloads are too slow and the range is too short. In fact most of the underwater mission stuff is scant and unnecessary. Fins’ grappling hook is mostly useless. There are so few places it will show attachment it isn’t worth the space in the backpack. Throwing knives is great and range is good but Fins can’t move with the knife at the ready like the Green Beret can. Why? This causes more keying and lost time.

Lupin’s skills are neat when needed but most of the time he’s a mule to carry extra stuff. Never used the stupid rat or the walking behind an enemy to “see what he has” feature. Fins is a little guy so give him the running ability and let him be able to use his grappling hook anywhere and/or the ability to climb walls like Lupin can. Give him lock picks and no need for Lupin.

Whiskey I only use as a mule on the Paris mission if I play it a certain way to carry goodies. Only Spooky and one commando needs a whistle to call him. In Das Boot it is useless to run papers to Spooky since he can get an officer’s uniform in less than 5 minutes and prance around the base and just go to Lupin and get the papers. Where you gonna drive the truck to and unload your guys where they’re not seen generally isolated. You can clear the whole rear of the base in less than 10 minutes anyhow.

Green Beret is fine as is except for his radio. I never use it. It causes a response akin to firing a shot to lure the goons to you with the same result- a fire fight. The bury himself feature is a dud. He can’t do it fast enough without being seen.

Tread’s shovel is worthless as the bear traps work fine without any digging. Molotov cocktails are great as is. Knockout gas has dubious results but is OK. Smoke canisters are useful on occasion. The cable trap to trip guys up is OK on very limited scenarios. You still gotta dispatch the enemy and usually there’s more than one coming anyhow so the bear traps are much better.

Binoculars are something else to fumble with and take up space. Never use them. Wire cutters are useful as is the mine detector. Sleeping pills are fun to use on occasion as a change and to poison dog’s meat. Rope ladders are fine. Bed sheets are simply a bother though very easy to collect 10 parts and use.

Inferno’s blowtorch use is spotty. Like in Savo Island it can only cut open one door, which can be circumvented and the other metal doors still need a key or grenade to open them. Flamethrower’s range is way too short. The bazooka works fine. Grenades often have too long of a fuse but do work well. Anti personnel mines work fine but take out only one enemy usually even though another is at his elbow. Anti vehicle mines work OK as do both bombs.

Spooky is pretty good as is. It’s too bad that if he has an SS or superior rank uniform he still can’t fool officers. Not being able to run in the uniform is dumb. The enemies run in theirs during an alert. I ran Colditz once with Spooky alone and he got uniforms to all but 4 POWs- awesome.

Duke works well and the sniper rifle does too.

Natacha can keep the attention of enemies well. Nice feature how she can move once she “locks them up” in her gaze and adjust their backs to the commandos. Too bad Spooky can’t do that. It is useful to have two spy types on certain mission scenarios but not vital. That she can use the sniper rifle is helpful. Too bad she can’t tie up enemies though she can carry them around once they are! She’s “iffy” at best to keep.

The times you need enemy uniforms is few and having to collect 10 is OK for full wear though I switch out quickly when not needed and they last fine. Often I find myself scurrying to collect uniforms for all when they are rarely and sometimes never used in a mission.

Pistols and rifles seem to have good enough range and scope of coverage as does submachine gun. No problems with any of them. Med kits work fine. How about a garrote that any or certain commandos can use to kill and not mess with tying up?

Vehicles- Now I just take them on joy ride for fun after an area is cleared though in certain missions it is possible to move your gang pretty quickly with them like in Paris. But how can enemies see Tread in a buttoned up tank? Vehicle weapons are lacking some like the submarine’s guns have this very limited range and arc of travel. Some don’t work when Inferno tries to use them though they work for the enemy.

Capture is described in the manual but your guys are simply killed even if they aren’t pointing a weapon when surprised. Would make a nice touch to complicate the mission having to rescue someone but doubtful the A.I. is that smart to capture and hold commandos.

So while I have used all of the equipment and skills just for diversion many are just a bother for me. On the other hand the missions are rich in that with all the stuff available it can be used as desired by the player...or not. Some things should just be functionally improved to remain in C3

31st Aug 2002, 17:03
The green beret can walk with the knife and Fins can't because there should be difference between the commandos, if they are all the same there is no use in having different ones every mission.

Lupin was very usefull for me and i bet for alot of other people, giving Fins the fast run ability would be stupid as he has always been 1 of the slowest (cos of his boat and oxygen tank)

The berets radio was not needed as much as in BEL but still it was usefull, especially in the Saving Private Smith mission.

I ddin't use the shovel much either but it can be more usefull than the bear trap as you can dig several holes at the same time while the trap has to be redeployed. For the wire, i think it's the drivers item i used most, i prefer it to the bear trap because it does not kill. In fact the only time i used the bear trap was at bonus mission 4. Same with the molotovs, i always used the gas so i wouldn't kill anybody.

binoculars were definatly useless, unless you are new to the game or got bad eyes. ;)

I never had trouble with the anti-personel mines, they would blow up anybody ontop or right next to it, remember that they explode straight up and not to the sides.

The german officers run when there is an alert yes, but when there isn't it's a bit strange an officer is running around isn't it? ;)

1st Sep 2002, 16:33
Yeah, those were just some things that I personally pondered. Like I said everyone plays differently and since it is possible to do so, that's what makes the games so attractive. There is no 1 way to do something like many games of any type. I like that since after you get done with running the missions the most efficient way you cab get wild and crazy and experiment to infinity.

I just wondered if anyone else shared any of my misgivings about certain objects or characters.

9th Sep 2002, 02:45
Quite a few of the weapons were generally useless, things like the fish food, the rat etc.

I only remembered the rat in saving private smith where he didn't have anything else, even then, didn't use it :)

Lupin's near super-sonic sped also irked me a tad, I mean come on, the kid runs so gaddamned fast he's a blur!

Not being able to use the harpon on land by default also annoyed the hell out of me, sur you can use the ontrol method, but if you accidentally hit another key, well, then you've gt to run back to the bloody ocean to use it again :rolleyes:

Also, i'd like the ability to both throw te knife (useless IMO) and use it like in BCD - in BCD fins was quite probably the best commando there was.

The spy became near useless in C2, he can't kill anyone now because he as limited numbers of "shots"

ah, I could rant on forever...

9th Sep 2002, 07:21
Iakovos would have loved this, long scale conversations:rolleyes:

9th Sep 2002, 11:28
Well the diver can throw knifes, why would he have to be able to use the harpoon on land?

Also the rat was quite usefull on a few missions like Saving Private Smith and Colditz.

10th Sep 2002, 05:54
but he (Fins) can use the harpoon on land, although I think its a bug

10th Sep 2002, 10:36
Originally posted by Thorup
Iakovos would have loved this, long scale conversations:rolleyes:

Working on the replies :p


10th Sep 2002, 11:10
Oh please god no


10th Sep 2002, 17:50
Well my original thought were simply that everything CAN be used by someone who chooses to. I listed my personal misgivings on certain items I find bothersome to use. Never been able to use Fins' speargun on land though it would work in real world.

Yeah the fish food is a hoot. I remember the 1st time I tried using it in Kwai. Fins uses it and the freaking fish are piranhas! Imagine my dismay. LOL!

I think the most versital mission is Colditz. I've run it with every scenario I can think of. Each commando beginning by himself and taking out as many goon and progressing as far as possible, a pair of different commandos only and on and on. I've used Spooky to good advantage in Colditz. On a lark I had him alone go through the whole POW uniform hand out without assistance except from Lupin very early on to climb into the back area where most of the POWs are.

If C3 doesn't have more than one large complex like Colditz with lots of inside and outside with plenty of out buildings it will not work for me. In C2 it's the only deep mission. Even Paris has just on building basically. I've had Natasha and Spooky clean the place out by themselves. Das Boot is a good one no matter how much you run it too.

11th Sep 2002, 01:09
Originally posted by Twitch
Never been able to use Fins' speargun on land though it would work in real world.

Really easy just get Fins in his diving gear and go swimming under water, and pull out the Spear Gun (L hotkey I think)
Then just surface and get changed

Then if you press control the spear gun will be availalbe as the last weapon used, and it works anywhere, until you use a different weapon such as the knife

11th Sep 2002, 03:00
Why do all you people want to use the harpoon while throwing the knife got the same effect?

11th Sep 2002, 03:04
simple... cause you dont have to go and pick up the harpoon after using it

11th Sep 2002, 06:30
Also the harpoon fires two darts quicker than you can throw two knives, as well as the fact you can throw it farther.

As well as the obvious that you don't have to run and pick them up again... :rolleyes:

I thought colditz was quite probably the poorest mission in the whole game :)
It was simply the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over and over, and over and (well you get the point)

And the handing out of uniforms was booring to the point of wanting to scratch my own eyes out with a spoon...

It could've ben so much better though...

11th Sep 2002, 07:58
Nah, Coltiz couldn't have been better. I would prefer wide open terrain mission instead of colditz.

by the way where is colditz in deutschland?

11th Sep 2002, 14:55
I liked the map on Colditz, especially sneaking around and checking out the buildings in town. Also the catwalks on the roof. Never did grab and hand out all the uniforms, sounded too tedious so I skipped it and completed the mission without accomplishing that objective. (No medals, of course.)

11th Sep 2002, 15:13
Ah yes, see there's something for all in this game. I think Colditz is similarly boring with all the uniform crapola but like I said I put different twists on it to get some more life out of the old girl. I'll have Tread start out alone one time and Green Beret the next and Spooky another time. I'll make Duke the prime guy and use the sniper rifle as much as possible to clear the outside. I love the 2 SS guys patroling the town. I call them the 3 Stooges and love to pop them off. I may have Duke take out the 2 goons with sub guns and allow the officer to run into the castle and get his nutz shot off from a warm reception or a bear trap snap. I'll run it where I "neutralize" every enemy human possible in the mission one time an kill every one the next.

Certainly we all are finding the missions a bit boring now. I get burned out on all the mine detecting and placing in Smith these days.

11th Sep 2002, 17:19
Originally posted by Rapid
Never did grab and hand out all the uniforms, sounded too tedious so I skipped it and completed the mission without accomplishing that objective. (No medals, of course.)

You wouldn't have gotten any if you did either. :p

12th Sep 2002, 15:43
For me, at least, the rank and medal tripe is long over from a year ago. It never was a factor actually. I don't care how many posts I have or what little make believe rank I have. I don't even use the key codes to run missions now. I just get crazy and dangerous and have fun.

One thing that can be a minor challange is have Spooky give the POWs their uniforms under the noses of the goons. When they look away the POW puts on the uniform and strolls out.