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31st Aug 2002, 00:17
The server is up! See you there if you can.

Any new players interested in joining can PM me or theBlackman for the info and password when/if you are ready. :)

31st Aug 2002, 03:43
Yay...what a blast. Thanks again for keeping your server around for us LM!
Now all I need is a pc that can handle the Flats, and Breakout.

I have a question....
I was tagging along on your shoulder during ...um...er...Grange (I think)
What was the deal with the hidden room that you swam to, with the huge Dr Pepper can and the big screen thing? I've never been there before. But it didn't seem to have any purpose??

Also, you grabbed a small Dr Pepper can off the rafter in the little house out in the lawn. What gives?

I was dying to ask when you were there, but it would/could have gave you away.

31st Aug 2002, 04:22
DR PEPPER CANS ARE VALUABLE LOOT. They show in the loot statistics as 50 or whatever.

So if you see one grab it it is the same as a gem or a goblet or vase. :D :D

EDIT OOPS. Sorry LM. and R&M

31st Aug 2002, 05:42
Actually, theBlackman, the only Dr Pepper can that is loot is in the crypt in Korman. The others are just Easter Eggs.

RicknMel, that room in Grange was a secret which I had just found out about today on the TUT forum. You are right about it having no purpose, there was no loot or items.

The can in the rafters I found on my own in a previous game but couldn't remember what was up there tonight. Now I remember.

31st Aug 2002, 14:03
What do I need to buy to play too?

31st Aug 2002, 15:19
Chief, you need *Unreal Tournament* to play. :) There are 2 editions, it doesn't matter which one.
Then go to the Thievery site, and DL Thievery, then the patch.
And your good to go.
Its fun.

http://www.thieveryut.com/ Go here for Thievery.

31st Aug 2002, 20:44
Well yes it does matter to the extent if you buy the Original version of UT, you need to patch it to ver. 436...If you buy/have GOTY ED., it's already patched :) Then follow the rest of the instructions...seems to me though, I thought this was explained earlier as you were in the process of obtaining UT to start this? Sorry if I have you confused, but weren't you looking into this awhile back? ;) Anyhow, I'm sure everyone will be happy to see you join in. I've been sortof lax lately given that I've been replaying Deus Ex and still haven't gotten my nose out of it long enough to get on-line :D My apologies to all but one of these nights I'll make it again... :) Ta and Good Hunting!

31st Aug 2002, 21:40
Yes Huntress is correct, but, regardless which version you have, you can play. Patch patch patch, and go man go.

31st Aug 2002, 22:09
i have the full version that came with a 3DFX card. Wont patch so I have to get store bought. What's "GOTYED"?

31st Aug 2002, 22:35
Hi Chiefdreams,

GOTY= Game of the Year Edition. Comes with bonus packs, and extra goodies, and a 436 patch so you don't have to go and download all that stuff.

I got something called Totally Unreal and it came with Unreal Tournament GOTY and Unreal Gold. The Bonus packs and the patch are included on a seprate CD that came with everything. It was on sale for around 15 bucks earlier this year.

Hope you can get to a store soon. :) Would love to see ya at LeatherMan's server.


31st Aug 2002, 22:38
Yes, do join us Chiefdreams.

Meanwhile, the server is up again.;)