View Full Version : Unholy Zedem

30th Aug 2002, 23:07
I thought the Zedem Monks didn't like the Dahanese Sirens? :rolleyes:


31st Aug 2002, 12:12

That is the funniest startopia picture ever :D

However it is a bit rude now isn't?

31st Aug 2002, 12:22
Isnt BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH, an evil laugh of some sort.

Gone are the days when people laugh with a nice HAHAHAHA.

I do worry about some peole here (Gyhron isnt the only one u know!)

31st Aug 2002, 13:37
Actually, I have seen monks in Love Nests...are they conducting a transaction or attempting a conversion?

3rd Sep 2002, 00:44
I've just sent my Pic into PC Gamer's Gamer Snap. Wish me luck :D

3rd Sep 2002, 14:29
Very inappropriate... You should be ashamed!!!!

Oh and good luck!:)

3rd Sep 2002, 17:21
Cool now i will know two people who have had pics in PC Gamer :)

My friends pic was a screenshot if him trying to put a folder called Keiron Gillens Ego into the Recyling bin and getting the "this file is to big do you want to delete completely?" message.

Note to Non PC Gamer readers: Keiron Gillen is the Deputy Editor and since he won a journalism award has gone about beliving he is the bees knees. Me and my friend dont like him. And he shaved his head....... :p