View Full Version : If you weren't able to get to SoCal to see this...

30th Aug 2002, 15:52
"Orson's Shadow", with Simon Templeman, Glenn Headly, a bunch o' other people, will be broadcasted on Sunday 9/22 on 89.3 fm kpcc, starting at 8pm. It's a very good play-I highly enjoyed it. So-if you can get that radio station, have a listen-the play talks about artistic vision, obsession, love, and failure.

31st Aug 2002, 00:24
*&*%^%$^!!! I get KOHL, not KPCC on 89.3 fm. (BTW, what's SoCal?)

31st Aug 2002, 01:34
"Southern California"

31st Aug 2002, 01:41
You mean it was played LIVE? And they're just playing a sound recording of it on the radio? ... or is it just a radio thing, and was not an actual production? (forgive me, I live under a rock...)