View Full Version : T2 small entrances (help!)

30th Aug 2002, 15:40
I am having trouble entering thru small openings such as windows.
For example, in Ambush, I couldn't enter my home thru the fire escape although I am pretty sure that I should be able to (I mean why else is it there? ). I just got stuck. Is there any special technique for this?

ps: had to engage the guards near the front door to enter. :(

30th Aug 2002, 16:38
Sometimes you can place a crate in front of the window, stand on the crate, crouch, and then (while crouching) walk through the small opening.

(Or if that fails, try jumping and crouching while still airborne!)

Hope that helps.

30th Aug 2002, 17:57
Z's got a good tip w/ the crates. Sometimes you just have to keep trying to get into the small places. 'Ol G bobs up and down whne he moves so some times you have to be on the down side when you first go through a small opening. Just move back a bit and try again from a slightly different distance.

30th Aug 2002, 19:02
Lean forward and jumpwhen you get stopped. Or enter at an angle rather than straight on. Some openings seem to work better by jumping off a rope rather than mantling, or by crate as suggested. You can also "bend" yourself into some openings by leaning in, twisting your mouse view around until you are looking inside the window at a 90 degree angle, then sidestepping or sliding in. Finally(I find this particularly helpful with small tunnels), look down when you go in; for some reason it seems to matter and it almost feels like you are ducking your head. :)

30th Aug 2002, 19:55
Getting back to Ambush, that back fire escape is the proper entrance. I do not recall having to use a crate to get into that window. I forget how I did it, but it was not extremely difficult. Probably hop into the window and hit the duck key at the same time. Nevertheless, if you do need a crate to step on, there are two crates just below, and maybe that is what they are supposed to be used for (they have another use as well in another part of the mission). It is a simple matter for Garrett to grab a crate and climb a rope, even though it would be physically impossible.:)

There are many openings that are just a little too tight. In addition to the above tricks, I find that it generally helps to have some forward speed to get through them. That is the first thing I always try - to back up, crouch, and go faster. I forget though, whether that window requires that you be elevated or not. If so, you hang on the lower edge, so a crouch run is not enough. In that case you would need to jump-crouch or use a crate.

30th Aug 2002, 23:38
Thanks for your responses.


Gaining some speed and "looking down" did the trick. Thanks.