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30th Aug 2002, 08:37
ok need i to know what kind of kitten that should get in 3 months
around christmas time i just think a persian kitten would do
or should get a long hair siamese yes i know you have brush them
everday so their coat don't get tangel.so what want know is
how people on this forums have cats and what type do you have
and wish do you think i would like i am looking sweet and friendly
little not to friendly so it does'nt get stolen .i will take outside
for a while.but it will stay inside with me and stay in my room or
if don't my brother dogs by christmas my new little kitten can to any room she wants .so here a poll please vote and tell me.
p.s thanks a lot

30th Aug 2002, 10:27
This might help your decision:

Siamese cats: http://www.thecatsite.com/breeds/siamese.html

Persian cats: http://www.thecatsite.com/breeds/persian.html

30th Aug 2002, 14:38
Neither get yourself a 'Moggie' they have more character :D

30th Aug 2002, 14:58
id get a persian! such pretty cats :) but you also have to remember that some of that are deaf..i think its if they have white fur and blue eyes or something...im not sure but i read somewhere that if they have a certain color fur and a certain color eyes they are usually deaf.

30th Aug 2002, 15:58
Have you ever considered a Calico?

The best kind of cat, is a lap cat. :) Lap cats are the most lovable. So lovable that you just want to eat them (I still don't get that), but then you realize that'd just be wrong. So then you put the cat down on the floor, and then everything is just awkward after that. :p

30th Aug 2002, 16:15
Siamese cats are better..

but wouldnt it be better to settle on a Tabby Cat or a Sphinx??
I mean Hairless is better than to much and short haired is good..

But to give advice get a Persian if you are planning to enter cat sows, persians are not to playful..
Siamese cats are great..but if you like playful cats get the right type of siamese..;)

But if i were you i would for a sphinx..and name it Mr. bigglesworth:D

good luck and have fun with your kitty!!:D ;) :)

31st Aug 2002, 07:33
Hi chloe :)

Have you considered looking for a kitten at your local animal shelter? They have lots of kittens there (both mixed and purebred) who deperately need homes. It's just an idea I wanted to run by you.

Every cat I have had was a stray. Mittens was a stray when I adopted him in my teens. My calico cat Suzy was a kitten of a stray. She was an inside cat and a lap cat. Baby, our cat who passed away last year, was a stray kitten when my husband adopted him. Milo, my mother's 9 year old cat, was an abandoned cat when she took him in.

Persians can have breathing problems. It is part of their breed. An Angora, which also has long hair, is nice. One of my neighbors had one. Long-haired cats need more grooming and care than short-haired cats.

Siamese cats can be very vocal. There are long-haired calico cats around if you are interested in a calico with long hair.

Domestic short hairs come in various colors (including calico) and are the best breed if you want a cat that is affectionate.

I wish you the best in finding your kitten. :)