View Full Version : I'm Back

30th Aug 2002, 03:21
I know I've been gone for a while but it is because the inevitable happened. I got borred with the computer for a while and just now decided to make my return.

30th Aug 2002, 03:34
Welcome back:)

Lady Kreliana
30th Aug 2002, 03:37
Good to see you, welcome home.

30th Aug 2002, 07:01
Hey, I was kind of wondering where you'd gone... :D


Umah Bloodomen
30th Aug 2002, 21:51
Welcome back, "princess"! :p ;)

Chris Mishima
30th Aug 2002, 23:14
Ummm...I'm back too. But since there is no new LOK news I'll proabably dissapear again...

Power reaver
31st Aug 2002, 03:28
Welcome back both of you

Here have some chocolate .

3rd Sep 2002, 01:11
MMMMM. Chocolate. My source of energy. I may still pop in from time to time but I do get bored very easy. I even unfortunately have become bored with all four LOK games. I've beaten them all about half a million times each. I am eager to hear any news whatsoever about SR3 or BO3.