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Umah Bloodomen
30th Aug 2002, 01:52
August 31st.

**places her present for Roxy on the table. It shakes and bobs around a bit. Umah sneaks in to tug slightly at the very end of the bow hanging off the sides of the 3 foot by 2 foot package. That instant, the dollmaker Elzevir pops out holding a doll made to look just like Roxy (only without Roxy's actual soul yet). Elzevir drops the doll and runs over to the birthday cake, takes the knife and begins chasing the party guests around with it. ***

Have a great day, Roxy....but watch out for the psycho gnome.

**runs and hides because she knows to fear the absolute evil that is Elzevir***

:p ;)

Lady Kreliana
30th Aug 2002, 01:54
*Bakes a cake for Roxy*

Have a good one.

Apocrypha Roxy
30th Aug 2002, 03:51
A psycho gnome - just what I was a'hankerin for!

Elzevir appears, waving the Roxy doll and the knife wildly

Elzevir- HA! Come hither, child, and let me give you your birthday present!

Me- Ok, that sounded really wierd, and no, I'm not coming near you. I know your schematics, dollmaker. Unfortunately for you your powers will not work on me. I possess power that you cannot... um... beat!

Elzevir- I was just going to steal your soul, entrap it into this doll of yours, and go on my merry way. You can't stop m-
OH no.

Me- Yep. -insert evil grin here-

Elzevir- :eek:Whats this?!!? What kind of soulless freak are you?!?!

Me- This kind -pulls out very large Ginsu knife- Now be a good gnome and terrorize the guests briefly before you leave or else I'll harikari you personally.

Elzevir- You're insane! You're soulless and insane!

Me- Do not question my sanity, for you will not get an answer. Hypocrite. :p

Elzevir scampers off to terrify the crowd

So, who wants cake? :D

30th Aug 2002, 04:46
http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/ruinkai/vampv.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/ruinkai/vampv.gif

30th Aug 2002, 07:55
Best wishes and have a great day!!! :D

And uh... I'd love a piece of cake. :p :D

30th Aug 2002, 09:15
happy birthday Roxy



31st Aug 2002, 00:55

**walks into Roxy's direction to give the cake and a present, but suddently Elzevir pops in from nowhere**

Elzevir:BUH! Bwuahha your soul is mine **eeeeeeeeeevil smile**

Azrael: Awwwww **runs away, droping the cake and the presnt on the floor**

31st Aug 2002, 01:20
*goes over to give Roxy a plushie, when Elzevir pops up and inspects the gift*

Elzevir: "Hm.. Interesting. Is this one of my former vic.. er um... masterpieces?"

Naja: "No, but if you don't let go I will put YOUR soul inside... wait.. if you even HAVE a soul..."

Elzevir: "You dare threaten ME?! I'll show you.....*gets interrupted*"

Naja: "Then I'll SHRINK you and stuff you inside a doll!" *shrinks Elzevir*

Elzevir: "What?! What has happened to me?! NO!!!"

Naja: "Ahaha! Don't worry, you'll be back to 'normal' in a few minutes.... if we don't step on you before then, that is. Mwahahahaha!"

Anyways, Happy B-Day!!!!

Power reaver
31st Aug 2002, 03:31
Happy Birthday :D

Have a great day :)

Lady Kreliana
31st Aug 2002, 04:44
Me- *casually reminds Elzevir that Kain killed him, and to leave the good people here alone...or else!* :D;

31st Aug 2002, 15:00
Happy Birthday Roxy

31st Aug 2002, 15:03