View Full Version : problem with a game

29th Aug 2002, 14:21
I have a problem.
When i am playing Blood Omen 2 somethimes it is automatically quiting the game to the Windows . what to do????
Help Me Please! ......

30th Aug 2002, 00:26
Do you have a Geforce video card? Are you using the latest Detonators?

30th Aug 2002, 14:23
Yep i'm using the latest detonators.
64 MB ATI 3d card!Windows XP, Pentium III 600, DirectX 8.1..
but i have this problem :(
i'm stoped in 6-th chapter fighting with Sebastian but when i'm beating him allways computer shut down the game to Windows so i can't continue the game :(
please who can send me the file-the starting of Chapter 7-i can continue the game!!!
please help me!